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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 11-2-18

Uploaded 11/02/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 11-2-18

Jessie Funk: Today, we have an assembly featuring Jessie Funk. Please be sure to be a respectful audience participant and behave appropriately during this time.

Let’s Do This: Attention students that raised $60 or more for the “Let’s Do This” fundraiser – this is just a reminder that the “Party N Play Day” is today after lunch on the PE fields. Please be sure to wear comfortable, sensible clothes for inflatables. Students that get to participate will be receiving a green bracelet earlier in the day that they should put on as soon as they receive it, which allows them into the event. If you did not earn the Party N Play Day prize, please see the special classroom listing and schedule posted by your team teachers that state where you will be at this time. A list of students that have obtained $60 or more is posted in the ASB bulletin cabinet on the back of the office. Please see Mrs. Terranova in room 1002 if you have any questions.

Harry Potter DIY Club: We are having a Harry Potter DIY club in room 104. If you enjoy reading Harry Potter, come over and recreate some memorable pieces from the book. Conjure up a wand, recreate Harry’s spectacles, create your own Nimbus 2000 and more!

Maker Space Tuesdays: Attention all students. The SV Library has a new activity for you called “Maker Space Tuesdays” starting November 6th. You can make cool devices that light up, move with your programming, explore clean energy such as wind, water, and solar power, build with K’nex kits and more. Space is limited, so sign up for the dates you are available on a Google Form that is posted on the SV Library’s home page. You will receive a confirmation notice of your date choices from your science teacher. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Fulleman at our library.

Clubs and Activities: Today in Clubs and Activities we have the tutor club in room 626, the meme club in room 204, and Party n play from 12:30-2:10.

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