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Nonprofit/PSA | Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Golf Tournament

Uploaded 03/05/2019

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Golf Tournament

The Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club is hosting an amateur golf tournament the weekend of April 27th and 28th.



Hi, my name is Anne Marie Bjorkman and I am the president for the Boys and Girls Club of the Santa Clarita Valley. I’m here today with Matt, my CEO from the Boys and Girls Club and Mark from Sand Canyon Country Club. I’m so excited to talk to you about the Santa Clarita Valley Championship. It’s Santa Clarita to valley’s first amateur golf tournament. It is open to everybody and anybody that wants to come. There’s no age limit and it’s not going to be are our just first. It’s going to be one that we’re going to keep having from years, years to come. This amateur golf tournament is going to take place here at the Beautiful Sand Canyon Country Club the weekend of April 27th and 28th we’re going to kick everything off at 9:00 AM Saturday morning and then another round at 11:00 AM Sunday and then conclude with an awards banquet Sunday evening where we will Crown Santa Clarita’s first amateur golf champion. Mark, can you tell us more about the tournament? So the format’s going to be a 36 hole two day aggregate score golf tournament. It’s going to be no holds bar, which means no handicap, strictly scratch game. So this is your chance for all you guys that have been telling all your friends that you shot two under this weekend or for every single club champion that’s been bragging how they’re the best at their club to come out and show everybody what they got. with your registration, you get to play two days at our newly renovated golf course. Tee Prizes, golf carts, snacks, Refreshments and an amazing dinner upstairs. We have some great sponsors. We have the city of Santa Clarita, We have California Bank and Trust, Sand Canyon Country Club. Also, we have Mercedes Benz of Valencia sponsoring our hole in one, which means you can win a car. This tournament is going to be a lot of fun. It’s open to everyone. So to register, click on the link below. So go ahead and click the link below and join us.

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