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Saugus High School | Saugus High Bands Inaugural Concert at “The Forum”

Uploaded 03/19/2019

Saugus High Bands Inaugural Concert at “The Forum”

The Saugus Concert Bands performed for the first time in their new Performing Arts Center, The Forum, on Friday, March 15.

This concert included performances by both concert ensembles, the Wind Symphony and the Wind Ensemble. The program consisted of musical numbers that will be part of their upcoming Band Tour at the end of March. On tour they will be performing in a Festival at California State Bakersfield and also taking part in a Clinic at Stanford University.

Concert Bands at Saugus High School are where the fundamental music education happens. These ensembles are where students learn the richness of what they participate in daily, they learn the language of music and its expression, and they grow as musicians and students. Concert bands are the cornerstone of our program at Saugus High School, and it is required to be in a concert band to play in any of our other ensembles (marching band included).

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