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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 4-16-19

Uploaded 04/16/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 4-16-19

X-Week: This week, DFY in SCV presents X-Week. Hopefully you’re wearing purple, green or black today to support X-Week! The team with the most participants earns spirit points! On Wednesday, come out to the quad at lunch to spin the question wheel and win prizes. On Thursday, come out to the quad at lunch to participate in a 3-legged race with your friends. On Friday, wear pajamas to symbolize “put drugs to sleep!”


SSA Meeting: SSA are meeting this Wednesday, April 17th, at lunch in the MPR. Please bring your food and meet with us right away. We’ll be discussing several important matters including our end-of-the-year celebration potluck! Thank you for everything you do for the students and staff at Sierra Vista.


April Birthdays: Come out to the quad on April 22. If your birthday is in April, you can get a cookie, but just remember to bring your ID card.


Fortune Egg Compliment Hunt: On Thursday, at brunch, there’ll be a “Fortune Egg Compliment Hunt” in the library. Students participating get to search for the eggs that are hidden in the library that have a fortune inside. Students that find an egg also get an Otterpop!


Mini-Garden Class: If you like nature, then this class is for you! Mrs. Flaherty is hosting a mini-garden class after school on April 18th in room 615. You’ll be creating a tiny, glass succulent garden for free! If you’re interested, please see Mrs. Knolls in the counseling office for a ticket. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay. Hope to see you there!


Jameson Roberts: Congratulations to Jameson Roberts for her amazing showing so far in the International Equestrian League competitions this year. She is competing against riders from all of the high schools and junior high schools in Southern California in huge classes of up to 50 riders. She was ranked 2nd in Freshman Jumpers headed into the last show last weekend. Way to go Jameson!!!


Egg Scramble: This Friday, we have a game called, “Egg Scrambler!” Participants will get to chose one egg out of six, two of which will contain candy. If participants choose one of the correct eggs, they’ll get the candy that’s inside!


Board Games: Come to room 621 with your lunch today to hang out and play some board games!


Clubs and Activities: Today in clubs and activities, we have the Harry Potter DIY Club in room 104 and Makerspace Tuesday in the Library.

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