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SCV Mayor's Prayer Breakfast | 15th Annual SCV Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Uploaded 05/22/2019

15th Annual SCV Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Santa Clarita hosted its 15th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, part of a national event celebrating the National Day of Prayer on May 2nd, 2019

Can prayer work… even in Hollywood?
Meet the guys that have taken on Hollywood with God in a BIG way!
Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon wroteĀ God’s Not Dead,Ā God’s Not DeadĀ 2,Ā Do You Believe?,Ā What If?Ā and many other God centered movies.
Solomon and Konzelman are believers who know the Lord is at work in
Hollywood and modern technology is supporting a growing parallel industry
of Christian film-making:
“To put it in neo-Marxist terms, faith-based films have stolen the means of
production. They are making films without traditional studios or distributionā€¦ And the breaking of that mold is revolutionary.” says Konzelman.
Solomon agrees and says that we need to remember thereā€™s a culture war
going on: “People have to realize, weā€™re at war, and this war is not with guns and bullets, but with scripts and cameras. We are vying for the heart of people who are indecisive and could be lost.”
Solomon and Konzelman are CO-CEO’s of Believe Entertainment.
Making movies that honor God and strengthen solid family values

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1 Comment for SCV Mayor's Prayer Breakfast: 15th Annual SCV Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

    Can we keep religion out of things I mean really this is Tacky there is too much in your face religion I actually get tired of seeing and hearing it! Worry more about our environment and gun control and being kind to each other but come on enough with the religious hammering

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