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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 5-24-19

Uploaded 05/24/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 5-24-19

P.E. LOCKER CLEAN OUT DAY: The end of the PE year is approaching quickly. Locker clean out will begin on Wednesday 5/29. A few things to keep in mind before clean out begins. Please ensure that you bring a reusable bag to place your items in when your lock is turned in. Also, make sure you have your own lock because if you don’t you will be placed on the LOP list. Locks can be purchased at the ASB for $6 at brunch or lunch.

STUDENT SOFTBALL TEAM: Attention Student Softball Team! We will be holding mandatory practice at lunch on the baseball field today and Thursday, May 30th. If you have a conflict please see Mrs. Hatfield or Ms. Bregger at the girls PE window.

FINAL PLAINSMEN PROGRESS DAY: Tuesday, May 28th, is the final Plainsmen Progress Day of the year. Your teachers are available from 1:10-2:10 to give you some extra help on missing assignments and bringing up your grade. Don’t miss out!

SPIRIT DAY: We have a SPIRIT DAY on Wednesday!!!!! Are you ready for some competition? Well, the 8th and 7th graders are going to go head-to-head on a Spirit Day. 7th graders have to wear Green/White, and 8th graders have to wear Gold/Black. The “C” period class with the highest percentage of participants will receive OTTER POPS!!!!! Don’t forget that participants can still get candy if you go to the outdoor stage at brunch and spin the spirit wheel.

8TH GRADE BBQ SONGS: Hey 8th graders, the 8th grade BBQ is coming up and we would like to know what songs you would like to hear! Just go to the SV Life website enter your song choice on the form. Please make sure the song is clean and appropriate for school.

COLOR GUARD AT CANYON HIGH SCHOOL: Any students that are interested in doing color guard at Canyon High School should email the band director at to receive a registration packet. The completed packet must be brought during the first day of rehearsal. We’re excited to meet you all!

SOFTBALL INTRAMURALS: Today we have softball intramurals during lunch. It will be Casey at Bat vs The Sierra Vista Free Agent All-Stars. See you on the diamond at lunch.

TEXTBOOK AND LIBRARY BOOK RETURNS: Attention all students. All library books and class novels are due this Tuesday, May 28th. This will be our last library open day with regular services. Then on Wednesday, May 29th, all 8th graders must return their hardcover textbooks. The 7th grade textbook turn in day is Thursday, May 30th. On your textbook turn in day, put all of your textbooks in a bag with your name on it. Then before school starts, bring this bag to your history teacher’s class. During your history period, you will bring your books to the library. It is very important to return your borrowed items on time, so that you are not on the library’s LOP list. Students who are on LOP will be not be allowed to go to Magic Mt., the Barbecue, fun team activities, and will have the debt carried over to the next school year. So start looking for your books today!

BRUNCH ACTIVITY: Today at brunch, ASB is hosting an activity where you will be guessing how many candies are in a jar. You will write your guess on a piece of paper that ASB gives you along with your name and C period room number. The three people that guess the write amount or close to the number of candies there are will get a Plainsmen dollar for the snack cart.

CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES: Today in Clubs and Activities we have the Meme Club in room 204, the Tutor Club 610, and Softball Intramurals on the fields.

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