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Kidflix Productions | The Placerita Challenge 2019: Finale

Uploaded 06/25/2019

The Placerita Challenge 2019: Finale

Kidflix Productions, a summer video production camp from Placerita Junior High, host the Kidflix Video Academy Magazine. Watch as the students recap all the great projects they worked on during this year’s summer camp.


Kid Flix Video Academy 2019


Corinne Howard

Elyz Katz

Emily Martinez

Brookyln Mendez

Aaron Quevado

Molly Robison

Kayla Roskilly

Phoenix Stuart

Ron-Paul Tamayo

Kayla Van Duzer



Tyler Lasdon – Senior Counselor

Braeden Musella – Counselor

Riley Green – Counselor

Morgan Ellis – Counselor

Salem Jones-Hartman – Counselor

Paul Kass – Kid Flix Advisor

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