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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 8-26-19

Uploaded 08/26/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 8-26-19

Plainsmen Progress Day: Tomorrow is the first Plainsmen Progress Day of the year. It is from 1:10 – 2:10 in your teachers’ classrooms. If you’re missing any assignments, or you need to work on bringing up your grade in any of your classes, please use this opportunity to help yourself out.

Together We Succeed Ticket: This week, the teachers and staff here at Sierra Vista are on the look out for any Plainsmen that we can catch in the act, demonstrating the behavior expectation of UNDERSTAND. When a teacher or other staff member catches you demonstrating the expectation UNDERSTAND, he or she may award you with a bit of flair to showcase on your back pack or binder.  Teachers or other staff may also award you with a Together We Succeed Ticket. Students who earn these tickets can turn them into the ASB office and will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a prize.

PE Procedures: Students starting today, you will be changing. Good luck!


Starting Clubs: If you’re interested in starting a club, please see Mrs. Terranova in room 621, during brunch or lunch. Some of the clubs that we’ve had in the past include chess club, Harry Potter club, Meme club, tutor club, and more! You might have an interest or hobby that you share with other students who would like to be a part of a club with you, so please see Mrs. Terranova today.


Homework Club: Attention students, Homework Club starts this week. Check out the schedule each day, and make sure you attend and take advantage of this opportunity to SUCCEED in your classes.


Honor Society: Attention 8th graders! The Link for the Fall 2019 Honor Society Application is now available on-line. You can find the link on the Honor Society website, or stop by room 106 to see Mrs. Marsh!

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