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Sierra Vista Jr. High | Sierra Vista Life, 9-13-19

Uploaded 09/13/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 9-13-19

Behavior CELEBRATE: This week, the teachers and staff here at Sierra Vista are on the lookout for any Plainsmen that we can catch in the act, demonstrating the behavior expectation of CELEBRATE. When a teacher or other staff member catches you demonstrating the expectation CELEBRATE, he or she may award you with a bit of flair to showcase on your back pack or binder. Teachers or other staff may also award you with a Together We Succeed Ticket. Students who earn these tickets can turn them into the ASB office and will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a prize.  

SSA Application: If you received an application for SSA, they are due today.  Please turn them in to Mrs Flaherty in room 615.

Fortune Teller: Hey Plainsmen! ASB invites you to come make a fortune teller origami today at lunch! Hope to see you there!

The Los Angeles County Fair: We are excited to announce that we will be competing in the Los Angeles County Science Fair!  This is a great event for any students with big ideas in science, math, or engineering. It is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and skills. This event is sponsored by SpaceX, JPL, and the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.  This is our second year participating and we’re the only school in the Hart District to participate.  Come to room 104 for more information on this event if you would like to participate!

Outdoor Stage Event: Want to thank a teacher that has really helped you out this year? Come to the outdoor stage today, at brunch, to write a note to a teacher of your choice!  You will receive a piece of candy in return for your completed note, which will be given to the teacher at a later time.

Forming A Club: Are you interested in forming a club? Go the sierra vista website to take a short survey.  Based on these results, ASB will make your club come true and form it to your interests. 

ASB Wants Your Input: Hey Sierra Vista students! ASB wants your input on what kind of activities, games, and music you would like to hear and participate in. 

Please take the time to fill out the survey during your elective class so your voice can be heard!

Photography Class: Are you interested in photography? On September 18th, there will be an after school photography class. You will learn techniques for nature, people, objects, and landscapes. RSVP with Ms. Knolls in the counselling office.

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