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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 11-20-19

Uploaded 11/20/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 11-20-19

Turkey Week Pep Rally: Come out to the quad at brunch for the Turkey Week Pep Rally where the teams that will be playing in the Turkey Bowl are going to have their players announced and will face off in an EPIC TUG OF WAR!!!

Annual Turkey Games: On Thursday at lunch come to the field behind the 600 buildings to participate in the annual turkey games, as part of the turkey week fun! All participants get a plainsmen buck for the snack cart, and the top three winners will get an In-N-Out gift certificate and an ice cream pass.

Turkey Week:
Wednesday (TODAY!): Turkey Week Pep Rally at brunch in the quad
Thursday: Turkey Games at lunch
Friday: Face Painting at lunch by 1002 and the Turkey Bowl Game with Team Float Parade at 1:20 pm
November birthdays: Hey plainsmen! If your birthday is in November, come to the outdoor stage on the 21st to get a free cookie and a plainsmen buck! Remember to bring your ID card. ASB wishes you a happy birthday!

National Native American Heritage Month: This month is National Native American Heritage Month! Sequoyah created the Cherokee writing system. He believed that other people were smarter than his tribe because they were able to communicate using written language, so he made his own written language for his own tribe.

Clubs and Activities: Today in Clubs and Activities we have the Turkey Week Pep Rally at brunch and the Drawing club in the library.

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