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City Council Meeting: SCVTV Board Member Mike Mazzetti Honored for Decades of Volunteer Service

Uploaded 02/25/2020

SCVTV Board Member Mike Mazzetti Honored for Decades of Volunteer Service

The Santa Clarita City Council members recognized longtime SCVTV, the city of Santa Clarita and local school volunteer Mike Mazzetti during Tuesday’s City council meeting. This video was played during the award recognition.

As stated by Councilmember Laurene Weste, “When the city decided to live-stream the Saugus Strong vigil so the entire community could participate, we called on SCVTV because we knew Mike Mazzetti would be able to handle the technical side of things. Mike is a professional Hollywood sound engineer who has donated his time and talents to make SCVTV operable for the last quarter-century, and he has been a vital component of our communications network for almost the entire time we’ve been a city. He worked with Adele Macpherson to set up the city’s first emergency communications network right before the 1994 Northridge earthquake. I can’t imagine how we’d have handled the earthquake without it. From setting up sound systems for the Cowboy Festival to teaching audio and video production skills to school kids at the SCVTV studio, Mike has always been there for us.”

Written Testimonials:

“I first met Mike Mazzetti in 1995, we were introduced through a mutual friend and that was the beginning of what was to become a 25-year friendship. Since that time, Mike has truly been involved in almost every aspect of the Saugus High School Band and Colorguard program. His contributions have ranged from the installation of an entire audio sound system for the band room at school to recording competition performance accompaniments for the Colorguard.
A couple of his most special endeavors involved him doing sound for our annual spring Pops Concert where he was instrumental in recruiting national recording artist Billy Vera to be our evenings featured guest artist. Mike never hesitated in sharing his gift and talents with me, my program and my students. He was responsible for the recording and production of our annual Saugus High School Jazz Ensemble CD recording project. Mike made it a point to always directly involve the students and make it as much an educational experience as possible. As Mike has often said: ‘We were both young men when we started doing this.’ I have not only immensely enjoyed our time together but have acquired a deep and profound sense of gratitude, respect, and appreciation for a man I am proud to call my friend.”
— Bob Gibson

“We first met Mike Mazetti back in the ’90s when we ventured down to SCVTV to get a studio tour and see if we could do a Placerita TV show there. Most people were afraid of the jr. high kids coming into the studio, but not Mike. He embraced our presence and worked with the kids and taught them all about TV production.
Mike continued to work with us on our many trips to the studio and then when we got involved with the Student Television Network (STN), Mike agreed to join us as a chaperone. I thought we would chase him off after that, but he seemed to be more interested in our group after that and even went on additional trips with us to STN.
Mike has been instrumental in many of the awards we have won, from his training to helping us design our studios at Placerita to helping us produce many shows with SCVTV. Many students have gone into the industry because of his care and work with them.
It has been an honor and privilege to work with Mike Mazatti and I look forward to working with him for many more years to come. ”
— Paul Kass

“I met Mike around 1992. I was the City’s new Emergency Coordinator, Mike, Jim & Brad came in to talk about their involvement in Amateur Radio communications. and the Ham Radio Club, and how they could help the city. The rest is history.
Mike was an integral part of establishing the City of Santa’s Clarita emergency amateur radio communications, starting back in 1992, then forming the Santa Clarita Emergency Communications Team, (SCECT). Through the years SCECT has been the back-up emergency communications network for disaster response; it still remains an active redundant resource, to cell phones and satellite capabilities.
Mike invested a great deal of time and creativity to enhance amateur radio communications at various city sites; to include equipment maintenance and upgrades, along with mentoring the next generation of team leadership.
SCECT continues to support events such as the Marathon, the Cowboy Festival & Amgen due to Mike’s initial involvement.
Mike has such a gentle can-do attitude, there was never a time when Mike didn’t give 100% and achieve the mission. He is such a practical level-headed person. Can he be funny … yes, can he be spunky … that too! Mike is just one of these guys that it is always a pleasure to work with. ”
— Adele Macpherson

“When the City of Santa Clarita decided to create its own public access studio a few decades ago, Mike M. was everywhere. He helped spec out initial equipment and assisted with the grueling task of installation. When it came to offsite endeavors such as Live city council election coverage, Mike gave tirelessly of his time and expertise to make sure a multi-camera system would provide a professional show for the city viewers. I cannot count the number of times Mike made himself and his expertise available to the city at no charge. He truly believes in public access television and helped make it a reality for the residents of Santa Clarita. On a personal note, he is probably the nicest person I have ever met. I am truly grateful for Mike.”
— Gail Morgan

“Mike has been instrumental in not only the construction of the studio here at Saugus, he continually helps fix and update the equipment we have and use to produce our daily show. The students and I owe Mike a great debt of gratitude. His experience is invaluable.
On a personal note, Mike has been a generous friend and I truly value his friendship.”
— Wade Williams

(c) 2020 SCVTV
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