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Open Archive | Open Archive: “Points of Interest”

Uploaded 11/28/2022

Open Archive: “Points of Interest”

What started as a way to explore a family’s new community, has continued for nearly three decades as SCVTV’s longest-produced history show. Philip Scorza’s “Points of Interest” provides a roadmap to the places and people whose stories may have been otherwise lost to time. Scorza’s program has amassed more than 50 episodes since beginning production in the mid-1990s.

Open Archive tells the stories of the storytellers who’ve created television shows with SCVTV, going back to the station’s opening in 1995. All of the shows featured in “Open Archive’ originally aired on SCVTV’s cable channels and were produced by local community leaders, educators, artists, storytellers, and students. They’re now considered historic — providing an insight into another time — and highlight the many unique places, topics and people who make up the fabric of our community.

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