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SCV 101 | Nikki Buckstead, Child and Family Center

Uploaded 03/15/2023

Nikki Buckstead, Child and Family Center

Episode 102

Guest: Nikki Buckstead

Taped: February 24th, 2023

On this episode of SCV 101, host Bill Miranda talks to Nikki Buckstead, CEO of the Child and Family Center to learn about how she moved to Santa Clarita, the Child and Family Center’s background, and give us information on this year’s upcoming Taste of the Town.

About the host

City Councilman Bill Miranda has hosted the radio program on KHTS, "Leadership Starts with You," and the television program on SCVTV, "Our Valley Santa Clarita." He is a recipient of a State of California resolution proclaiming his exemplary achievements in business and community service.

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1 Comment for SCV 101: Nikki Buckstead, Child and Family Center
  1. Jim Ventress says:

    Nice show Bill. All the best to Nikki Buckstead. She is heading one of our top non-profits!!

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