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SCV 101 | SCV 101: Dennis Verner, Burrtec Waste Industries

Uploaded 05/24/2023

SCV 101: Dennis Verner, Burrtec Waste Industries

Episode 108

Guest: Dennis Verner

Taped: May 12, 2023

On this episode of SCV 101, host Bill Miranda brings on Dennis Verner of Burrtec. Verner discusses the transition to Burrtec as the residential waste hauler for Santa Clarita starting July 1. He gives insight on what the transition to receiving new waste disposal bins will look like and gives examples on what kind of items go into each type of waste bin.

About the host

City Councilman Bill Miranda has hosted the radio program on KHTS, "Leadership Starts with You," and the television program on SCVTV, "Our Valley Santa Clarita." He is a recipient of a State of California resolution proclaiming his exemplary achievements in business and community service.

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1 Comment for SCV 101: SCV 101: Dennis Verner, Burrtec Waste Industries
  1. Jacquelyn Grainger says:

    I don’t want to have another container sitting on my kitchen floor. I have recycling and trash bins in
    a hideaway cupboard, where is this going to go??

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