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SCV In the Movies | SCV in the Movies Premiere ‘The Mysterious Mr. Wong’

Uploaded 12/01/2023

SCV in the Movies Premiere ‘The Mysterious Mr. Wong’

Bill and E.J. pitch a double-header with two nearly identically-titled movies: “The Mystery of Mr. Wong” and “The Mysterious Mr. Wong.”  They were both made by Monogram Pictures, and both have personnel who made their names in the Santa Clarita Valley.  That’s about where the similarities end, as one Mr. Wong is the hero, while the other is a villain.  Also, both plots are motivated by stolen artifacts, and both star major stars from the Universal monster classics.  As a bonus, we’ll hear from our film historian friends Maria Elena de las Carreras and Jonathan Kuntz.  We here at SCV In The Movies recommend popping plenty of popcorn and enjoying one after the other as a double feature… it’s an SCV In The Movies two-fer!


For generations, movies have been reflecting the viewpoints and stereotypes of filmmakers, studios and the predominant culture.  Within the films presented in this program, there may be offensive and incorrect portrayals of peoples, cultures, characters and behaviors. SCVTV does not condone these incorrect, outdated and offensive portrayals, but recognizes their existence as part of American and Santa Clarita film history. Stereotypes were wrong when the films were created and are wrong today.  We acknowledge their damaging and harmful effects. We hope that the presentation of the content in this program will enhance our understanding of eras before, lead to dialogue and especially a commitment to more inclusive filmmaking as well as a more equitable and representative future.

The goal of SCV in the Movies is to present films that were created in and by people from the Santa Clarita Valley. We welcome community feedback and ideas about the films and discussions in SCV in the Movies to

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