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SCVTV's Community Corner | LACoFD Shares Solutions to Common Winter Safety Hazards

Uploaded 12/21/2023

LACoFD Shares Solutions to Common Winter Safety Hazards

L.A. County Fire Department Assistant Chief Pat Sprengel shares a few common Winter safety hazards and also solutions for them.

Christmas trees, cold temperatures, space heaters–oh my! Winter can be an exciting season, filled with festivities and fun activities, but keeping safety in mind can help you enjoy this time of year to its fullest.

With temperatures dipping anywhere into the 40s to 30s overnight, many people are running their space heaters and heating systems to their fullest. Add onto that the festive decorations for this time of year and many homes can experience safety or health issues.

LACoFD Assistant Chief Sprengel shares how certain safety hazards, such as carbon monoxide (often a bi-product of faulty space heaters or heating systems) and unkept Christmas trees, can lead to safety issues at home; he also shares what to watch out for and how to prevent these hazards from ruining your holiday.

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