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Legacy | Wayne Crawford: A Santa Clarita Stalwart’s Journey of Giving | Legacy

Uploaded 02/23/2024

Wayne Crawford: A Santa Clarita Stalwart’s Journey of Giving | Legacy

Wayne Crawford has been a dedicated Santa Clarita Valley resident since 1969.

From co-founding the City of Santa Clarita over two decades ago to tirelessly championing philanthropic causes, Wayne’s journey reflects a lifetime commitment to service.

As the 2010 SCV Man of the Year, his impact extends far beyond local borders. Whether leading the charge against energy crises, establishing the Crawford-Fleming Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Invitational, or generously supporting various nonprofits, Wayne Crawford’s legacy is etched in the fabric of Santa Clarita’s success and compassion.

Within the oral history presented in this program, there may be offensive and incorrect portrayals of peoples, cultures, characters and behaviors. SCVTV does not condone these incorrect, outdated and offensive portrayals, but recognizes their existence as part of American and Santa Clarita history. Stereotypes were wrong in the past and are wrong today. We acknowledge their damaging and harmful effects. We hope that the presentation of the content in this program will enhance our understanding of eras before, lead to dialogue and especially a commitment to more inclusive practices going forward as well as a more equitable and representative future.

The goal of Legacy is to present stories that were created in and by people from the Santa Clarita Valley. We welcome community feedback and ideas about the discussions in Legacy to

1 Comment for Legacy: Wayne Crawford: A Santa Clarita Stalwart’s Journey of Giving | Legacy
  1. Gene Dorio, MD says:

    One hundred years from now, future generations reviewing this episode of Legacy will revel in seeing two Santa Clarita trailblazers laying their historical footprints and the foundation for our history.


    Gene Dorio, M.D.

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