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Santa Clarita Valley 4th of July Parade

Monday, July 4, 2022, in Old Town Newhall
Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive as the parade date approaches, we ask that you PLEASE READ the Frequently Asked Questions below, before contacting the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee. If your question is unanswered, you can direct your inquiry to [].


Q: How do I know you've received my entry form?
A: You should receive an automated acknowledgment.
Q: How do I know you've received my check?
A: Checks are not processed immediately. If we have not received your payment, we will contact you shortly before the parade. There is no confirmation of receipt of payment by check.
Q: When is my entry form really due?
A: By 5 p.m. June 15 to avoid a late fee. Entries received after June 15 will be subject to the late fee indicated. No entries will be accepted after 5 p.m. June 22, regardless of circumstances — period.
Q: Can I drop off my forms in person?
A: No. There are no paper forms, so there is nothing to drop off. (Liability waivers should be printed out, completed ahead of time and brought with you to parade registration.)
Q: If I have to register online, how do I pay the entry fee?
A: Preferably with PayPal, to this address:
Q: Will you take a credit or debit card?
A: Sort of. The only way to use a credit or debit card to pay the entry fee is through PayPal. If you don't already have a PayPal accounty, go to and click where it says to send money (to a friend or family, etc.), and follow the instructions to use a card. You could use a checking account to pay, also.
Q: Can I still use a check to pay the entry fee?
A: Yes. Mail to: SCV Fourth of July Parade / P.O. Box 802993 / Santa Clarita, CA 91380.
Q: How long is the parade route?
A: About two miles. There is a slight incline in some areas; overall, it's uphill. So, it's a about 4-mile round trip to the beginning of the parade. It is preferable to make arrangements for pickup in the vicinity of 16th Street.
Q: If I just want to watch the parade, do I need to contact you or fill out any forms?
A: No.
Q: What if I broke the rules or misbehaved during the parade last year?
A: We know who you are and you will not be allowed to participate this year. Misbehavior and/or rule violations result in a minimum one-year suspension.
Q: What is happening in Newhall Park after the parade?
A: Officially, nothing. There will be no public event in the park after the parade.
Q: I'm a vendor and I want to sell stuff during the parade. What do I need to do?
A: Don't ask us. The Parade Committee does not license vendors. With assistance from the Sheriff's Department, vendors will be prohibited from interfering with the line of march during the parade. From our observations, push-cart ventors can expect Sheriff's deputies to check for a valid California business license and, if selling food, a Los Angeles County health permit.
Q: If we can't use Silly String during the parade, why are the vendors allowed to sell it?
A: Because it is not a controlled substance like alcohol or drugs or even spray paint. It's a constitutional matter. The city of Santa Clarita doesn't have the legal authority to ban the sale of a legal, non-controlled substance. It can only regulate its use. Thus, in 1996, the City Council adopted [an ordinance] banning the "propulsion" of Silly String and other substances into the line of march (the parade route).
Q: Where should I park?
A: Anywhere you can do so legally. We know it can be a challenge, but somehow it works out every year. Watch for temporary NO PARKING signs on and near the parade route; violators are towed. If you are driving a parade vehicle, you will be shown where to park it when you check in.
Q: Who must sign the Liability Waiver?
A: Every adult in your group who will be participating in the parade (including in follow vehicles), and a parent or guardian for each minor participant (under age 18).
Q: I don't have all of the signatures on the Liabilty Waiver. What should I do?
A: Well, you could get them on the morning of the parade when your people arrive; just don't come to parade registration without all signatures.
Q: Can I register online?
A: You can only register online.
Q: How do I find out about the 5K run?
A: By visiting the [Santa Clarita Runners website]. The Parade Committee is not directly involved in the run.
Q: How do I find out about the pancake breakfast or fireworks?
A: Click on [July 4 Events].
Q: My little Suzy wants to decorate her bike, but she doesn't belong to an organization. Can she enter the parade as an individual?
A: Yes. She'll need to wear a helmet, be accompanied by a responsible adult if she's under 10, and follow all the rest of the [Parade Rules]. You'll need to send in the entry form and Liabilty Waiver and pay the non-commercial entry fee.
Q: My nonprofit Cub Scout pack or Mom's Club doesn't have a big budget. Do we really have to pay the non-commercial entry fee?
A: Yes. The non-commercial entry fee is only $40 when submitted by the deadline. The Parade Committee is a nonprofit organization, too, and it costs money to put on the parade. Your entry actually costs the Parade Committee more than $40; the balance of your "true" cost is subsidized through a combination of commercial entry fees and donations.
Q: I run a gym / dance team / karate studio / beauty pageant as a business. We do a lot of charitable work. Do we pay the non-commercial or commercial entry fee?
A: The commercial entry fee.
Q: Walmart / Lennar / The Home Depot is sponsoring our nonprofit Boy Scout troop's entry. We'll be using one of their vehicles with their logo on the side. Do we pay the non-commercial entry fee or the commercial entry fee?
A: The commercial entry fee. If your corporate sponsor is displaying its logo, then sponsoring your entry would be a way for the company to enter the parade without paying full fare.
Q: Walmart / Lennar / The Home Depot is merely writing the check to cover our nonprofit Boy Scout troop's entry fee. We won't display their logo or advertise for them in any other way during the parade. Do we pay the non-commercial entry fee or the commercial entry fee?
A: The non-commercial entry fee.
Q: My kid will be on a bike / skateboard / roller skates. Does he really have to wear a helmet?
A: Yes. Read the [Parade Rules]. No helmet, no insurance coverage. No insurance coverage, no parade. Adults are not required to wear a helmet but are strongly advised to do so.
Q: We want to give away candy from our parade float. Is that OK?
A: If you want to give away candy, American flags, literature or anything else, someone from your entry must WALK alongside the crowd and HAND it to the spectators. THROWING ANYTHING — or allowing the crowd to walk or run up to your float to receive anything — will result in your entry's immediate expulsion from the parade. It is simply too dangerous and our insurance wouldn't cover it if anything bad happens. No balls will be allowed along the parade route for safety reasons. Read the [Parade Rules].

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