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SCVTV Presents | Mentryville: Informational Walking Tour with Darryl Manzer

Uploaded 07/24/2011

Mentryville: Informational Walking Tour with Darryl Manzer

SCVTV Presents:

Mentryville: Informational Walking Tour with Darryl Manzer

July 24, 2011


“The Only Kid in Mentryville” from 1960 to 1966 leads a walk & talk through the Pico Canyon oil town.

Read Darryl’s commentaries [here] and [here].

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1 Comment for SCVTV Presents: Mentryville: Informational Walking Tour with Darryl Manzer
  1. jack says:

    When I was a kid I went to Wiley Canyon School. When I was in I think it was 5th grade which would have been 1976 we took a field trip. All of us students that had bicycles rode to Mentryville. Those that didn’t or preferred not to ride took a bus there. At that time the public didn’t have access to the place and there was a locked gate at the entrance. But on this day we where given access. The trip was arranged so we could learn some of the history of the canyon. When we got there we where introduced to this 99 year old lady who was the original and only teacher of the school there in Mentryville. I remember her telling us about Mustard hill and how every year the boys would slide down it on tin sheets. It was something they had been doing for years. She moved away when they closed the school and haddn’t been back till then. Pico Canyon was a strange place back in the late 70’s. At that time there where some Devil worshiping cults in the area and they would gather up in the Canyon to do their rituals. Not at Mentryville but in one of the adjoining canyons. I came across one of their sites one afternoon while I was out exploring. It looked like they had been there the night before. There where severed goats legs bound with bailing wire and pentagrams of arranged rocks and a sacrificial alter which is where I’m assuming they killed the goat as it had dried blood on it. The members of these cults where supposedly students that attended Cal Arts or at least that is what the rumors where. Those would be the ones that make the Disney cartoons that your kids watch.

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