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Newhall School District | District Art Show at Valencia Valley School

Uploaded 06/05/2012

District Art Show at Valencia Valley School

By Megan Mann

Thousands of pieces of student-created art went on display Tuesday during the Newhall School District’s annual Art Show at Valencia Valley Elementary.

The district-wide showcase included artwork from every grade level in all 10 of the district’s schools. Each student submitted his or her favorite art project to be put on display for their peers and community to admire. Works included paintings, drawing, sculptures and more.

The district’s art program is a sequential, skill-based program that is employed in every grade level, said John Fossa, the district’s art instructor.

“We want first graders to learn how to mix colors and create a still life,” Fossa said. “We want second graders to understand ways to make things look farther away and other things look closer in their drawings.”

Fossa visits classes every five to six weeks to work with students one-on-one and also provides teachers with sample lessons they can use in the classroom to teach developmental skills and techniques based on state standards.

“We have a lot of good reasons to keep art in the classroom,” Fossa said. “One of the most important ones is, teachers and students tell us when they see one of their students or friends create an amazing piece, it’s like they learn something about that student that they never knew before. Teachers can see another side of their students, and it gives the student a real sense of pride, accomplishment dignity and self respect.”

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