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SCVTV Sports | Chris Hamilton, Golden Valley High School

Uploaded 08/30/2012

Chris Hamilton, Golden Valley High School

This week’s Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week is Chris Hamilton of Golden Valley. Chris has a 4.55 GPA and scored 2150 on the SAT. He learned at a young age that to be successful in life starts with a good education.

“I believe that the world we live in is a very competitive one, and in order to be successful you’ve got to put your best foot forward,” Chris said. “In order to get a good job, go to college and raise a family, I want to do all those things and I want to be competitive in the workforce. So I’m hoping to get into a good college and just go from there.”

Just like on the football field, this senior linebacker says a little effort in the classroom goes a long way.

“There comes a certain point where I think getting a B or an A in most normal high school classes should not be that difficult,” he said. “But once you get a lot of hard classes and really try to keep the grades up it can get difficult sometimes. I’ve spent a lot of late nights doing homework, and I think that’s part of the job to get good grades. It’s difficult but it’s worth it.”

The next step on his journey is college, and while it’s still early to know exactly what school he will attend next fall, he does know where he wants to be.

“I would prefer to stay in California because that’s where my family is and I really… I just love my family,” Chris said. “I think they’re the best. But I would not be against moving to an out-of-state school.

“I don’t know what I want to major in… yet. So I’m just trying to keep the doors open.”

Even though he doesn’t know what he wants to major in, he is realistic on what his strengths are.

“I seem to be stronger in my math and science subjects,” he said. “But I’m not exactly sure what I want to major in.”

Chris points to the two people who brought him into this world that gave him the mentality for good school work.

“My parents raised me to work hard and to do my best in all that I do,”

Congratulations to Chris Hamilton of Golden Valley High School, our Wendy’s of Santa Clarita Student-Athlete of the Week.

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