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SCV NewsBreak | Bee Fire Scorches San Francisquito Canyon

Uploaded 08/09/2013

Bee Fire Scorches San Francisquito Canyon

Another brush fire in San Francisquito Canyon broke out Friday afternoon, roughly midway between LADWP’s Powerhouse 2 on the south and Powerhouse 1 on the north, where the Powerhouse Fire erupted in late May.

The point of origin of Friday’s fire was identified as 35702 San Francisquito Canyon Road.

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9 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Bee Fire Scorches San Francisquito Canyon
  1. This jack*** ^^^^ should be investigated for arson since he is so ignorant toward DWP. These power plants generate a lot of money for LA and employ a lot of good, hard working people. 4 generations in our family!

  2. While I hate to see the anyplace anytime, too bad they didn’t take LADWP’s power stations!

  3. There is a ranch right there called Bee.

  4. Bee Canyon is a road up off of San Francisquito which is most likely where the name came from

    • So no honey bee hives being taken out & hopefully no folks harmed? Yes would be interesting to hear the history of the Bee Canyon when this simmers down.

  5. where do they come up with the names?

  6. What’s the cave ritual connection all about?

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