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SCV Today | October 24, 2013

Uploaded 10/24/2013

October 24, 2013

photo 1Do your kids complain that there is nothing to do?  They won’t be able to do anymore and Breanne DeMack is here to tell us why.


More information on their facebook page:




photo 2Knockxpro is back and more entertaining than ever! They have a great show coming up to raise money for Saugus High School.


Visit the website for more information:




IMG_7354-1Like fresh juices?  California Bakery and Cafe joins us to show you all the amazing made to order custom juices they have to offer. Yum!


Visit their facebook page:




photo 3Stay in touch with happening in our real estate market.  Mike Bjorkman joins us to give us up to the minute information.


Visit Mike’s website at:


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