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Towsley Canyon 5.1 Mile Loop Trail

Towsley Canyon 5.1 Mile Loop Trail

Uploaded 03/12/2014

Photos by Denny H. Truger


Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon is named for former State Senator Ed Davis, who championed the preservation of Towsley Canyon. The park offers visitors a peaceful haven just west of the I-5 between the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys. Trails for walking, hiking, and mountain biking lead visitors through an astonishing variety of habitat types. Notable park features include Towsley Creek, and spectacular water-worn rock formations in Towsley Gorge, as wells as scenic trail viewpoints and oak woodland.

3 Comments for Photo Gallery: Towsley Canyon 5.1 Mile Loop Trail
  1. Hubby hiked here yesterday. Stayed on the trail and made it home for dinner. But, he recommends a Spot personal tracker for anyone hiking!

  2. Is there a towsley cyn hiking group??..monthly ,weekly???

  3. Some people should take a map with them.

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