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SCV NewsBreak | SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Uploaded 03/19/2014

SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, March 19,  2014

The California Department of Transportation has denied a permit application for a digital billboard that Metro wants to see in Santa Clarita because of improper zoning.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have given the green light for the Sulphur Springs school district to start selling bonds.

California Highway Patrol officers from the Newhall area office will be conducting a DUI checkpoint somewhere in the Santa Clarita Valley Friday.

TEDx is returning to COC on April 19 with a theme that focuses on perspectives.

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8 Comments for SCV News Break: SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, March 19, 2014
  1. Wow, lots of good info. Much more clear now, thank you!!!

  2. Tanya Parker Tanya Parker says:

    Good most residents don’t want them. And honestly it’s a traffic hazard. I love seeing the small billboards we have promoting local businesses. It’s the mom and pop companies that make SCV so great

  3. But didn’t the city know the zoning codes before making the move to remove the others? Isn’t it the city (or is it Metro) driving the movement to get rid of the billboards?

    • first part of your question – city approval is contingent on Metro getting the other permits it needs (that’s what it’s trying to do, in this case from Caltrans); second part of your question – Metro collects rent from the billboard companies it allows on its property. We don’t know the numbers, but it stands to reason that Metro would collect a lot more rent on 3 new boards along the freeway than it gets from a bunch of mid-town boards under a rental agreement crafted decades ago.

    • The third part of your question – as for who’s driving the train, so to speak .. the city’s goal since Day One in 1987 has been to get rid of all boards. As soon as the city closes escrow with Edwards Outdoor (the city is paying fair-market value for the business), it will probably take down all Edwards boards – not just the ones along the freeway – as soon as the individual contracts with billboard users expire.

  4. I hate billboards, they look trashy!

  5. Uuuh, I’m guessing City of SC should’ve gotten the permit BEFORE going through all the broohaha?????

    • City is just one of the approval agencies. It’s not like they’re the city’s billboards. The city doesn’t get permits; the billboard owner and/or property owner (Metro) does.

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