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SCV NewsBreak | SCV NewsBreak for Friday, March 21, 2014

Uploaded 03/21/2014

SCV NewsBreak for Friday, March 21,  2014

Sheriff’s deputies found four-year-old Travis Stratton in a Castaic swimming pool around 3:45 p-m, after searching for him for more than 2 hours.

A 34-year-old man died after a motorcycle crash in Canyon Country Thursday night.

A Saugus man is behind bars on attempted murder charges.

Valencia Vikings head baseball coach Jared Snyder is on leave from teaching at Valencia High School and coaching the Vikings varsity baseball team.

Voters have until Monday to register to vote in the City Council election.

Six Flags Magic Mountain opens for daily operation this weekend and it does so with new attractions.

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37 Comments for SCV News Break: SCV NewsBreak for Friday, March 21, 2014
  1. Linda Perera Linda Perera says:

    how very sad, pray for all of them

  2. How else do you say get the details if one is interested in more of the story. Get the details is getting the details. News lingo.

  3. As a young child…I was quite the wanderer myself…its hard to process when something like this happens…when I think of all the things that could have happened…I sometimes wonder how I made it with no stories to tell…my heart goes out to the family and freinds on your loss of one so precious…

  4. Lorena Garay Lorena Garay says:

    So sad…poor baby boy the agony he must’ve gone thru. :'(

  5. :( breaks my heart.

  6. What a sad week in news.

  7. New Til New Til says:

    Bless and protect this lil angel….

  8. Mike Duryea Mike Duryea says:

    Wow!!! Poor lil guy. :-( My condolences go out to the family.

  9. Sonya Rowin Sonya Rowin says:

    Had the helicopters and Search/Rescue right over/in front of my house. Cried when I heard he didn’t make it… Sending LOVE to the family…

  10. Wth with all the tragic stories in SCV

  11. Prayers to the family of this boy❤️❤️

  12. condolences to the family

  13. ‘Get the tragic details and more’ is really uncouth, SCVTV. Please consider editing.

  14. No words ;(…. heartbreaking prayers to the family

  15. They shouldn’t say “get the details” stupid

  16. so sad :( I wonder how he got to the pool in the first place… arent most pools locked and gated? :(l

  17. Kelsey Markey Did u hear about this it’s so sad: (

  18. Dina Caddy Dina Caddy says:

    So heartbreakingly sad. My prayers go to his family and to heaven’s new angel.

  19. My heart dropped when I read this earlier my prayers go out to the family

  20. Gin Jones Gin Jones says:

    Just awful, feel so bad I couldn’t imagine what the family is going through

  21. Don Carlon Don Carlon says:

    :( what pool…what complex

  22. Devastating :( prayers to the family.

  23. Beyond sad and so very tragic

  24. Chuck Giglio Chuck Giglio says:

    Hard to believe no one noticed him before this happened… Really sad

  25. Andrea Lara Andrea Lara says:

    So sad, thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  26. Chuck Giglio Chuck Giglio says:

    This frickin blows!….

  27. Chris Brewer Chris Brewer says:

    What a shame and sad ending. Thoughts are with the family.

  28. Prayers for peace and comfort for the family

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