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SCV NewsBreak | Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Thursday, March 27,  2014

Legacy Christian Academy officials release a statement regarding the teacher who was arrested on campus Tuesday.

The City of Santa Clarita gave a green light to the red light cameras around the city on Tuesday, at least for another year .

College of the Canyons is hosing a Resume Rally to help get your resume in tip-top shape, just in time for a pair of planned job fairs happening at the college this spring.

The 2014 Home and Garden Show and Emergency Expo will offer dozens of displays, exhibits and teaching moments at the Valencia Hyatt this weekend.

Seniors Jacqui Marshall and Zoe Scott from The Master’s College women’s basketball team have been named NAIA Division 1 All-Americans.

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5 Comments for SCV News Break: Thursday, March 27, 2014
  1. SCVTV DID share the schools statement in an earlier post. They are doing a great job reporting any updates. Prayers to everyone involved in this case. The truth always prevails. THANK YOU SCVTV!

  2. So you get it WRONG yesterday. Share it TWICE because once wasn’t enough and then today you don’t share all of the information that was actually given. Quality. Qauuuulity reporting there SCVTV. #truthwillprevail

  3. Sammy Smith Sammy Smith says:

    Wow, you botched that. You couldn’t share ALL Of the information shared in the public statement? I will. Dear Legacy Parents,
    I am communicating to you this afternoon in an attempt to clarify questions that have arisen in regards to Mr. Astrera. There obviously have been many questions and concerns expressed by parents of Legacy students following the arrest yesterday on the misdemeanor charges of “annoying or molesting a child.” Much of the concern stems from the reporting of the arrest and the implication that some act of sexual molestation –as that term is generally understood – may have occurred between the teacher and the fifth grade student.
    Given the understandable concern expressed by so many in our community, we feel compelled to advise you of what we do know at this time. While we may not know all of the information that the investigators have obtained, we do know the following based on the complaining parent’s disclosures to us and the result of our own internal investigation:
    1. There were no allegations conveyed to us of touching that was overtly sexual in nature – rather we have been advised of an alleged incident when, while playing tag out on the playground with several students, the teacher picked the student up off the ground.
    2. The teacher is alleged to have stated to the student in a classroom setting full of students, that the student would be excused to leave the classroom if “he gave the teacher a hug.” There is no allegation that a hug actually ensued.
    3. The teacher is alleged to have “winked” at the student in class.
    4. There is no allegation that the teacher was ever alone with the student in any setting.
    5. There was no contact by the teacher with the student outside of school either in person, telephone, email or through social media.
    6. The student had been given a “yellow card” for disciplinary reasons by the accused teacher in October 2013.
    Based on the information we have obtained, our 14 years of experience with this teacher and even the nature of the allegations, we had and have no reason to believe that any Legacy student was subjected to any risk with this teacher. However, if you know of any information that is relevant to this teacher and his conduct, we urge you to share that with the LA County Sheriff’s investigators. The teacher involved will remain on administrative leave pending further investigation and evaluation.
    Timothy W. Borruel Principal

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