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Uploaded 04/15/2014

Building the Budget

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Los Angeles County’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2014-15 is now available for review online.

The proposal, totaling $26.054 billion, was released by the Chief Executive Office officials on Monday.

Of that $26 billion, 30 percent, or $7.787 billion, will go towards health; 27 percent, or $7.078 billion, will go towards public protection; and 25 percent, or 46.504 billion, will go towards public assistance.

Other categories include recreation and cultural expenses and general expenses.

“The county continues to emerge from an extremely difficult economic period and we are proud to have a fully balanced budget,” said county CEO William Fujioka in a press release. “This recommendation provides the county with a strong foundation for growth as we move forward.”

The 2014-15 budget is only a 0.2 percent increase from last year’s, budgeting for more than 1,300 new positions for the Sheriff’s Department, Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, Department of Animal Care and Control, Department of Health Services and Department of Children and Family Services.

“As part of the County’s Energy and Environmental policy, this budget proposal also reflects the incorporation of energy efficient technologies into the County’s buildings and refurbishments’, demonstrating the County’s continued commitment to sustainability,” the press release said.

The goal of budget is to stabilize county programs and services, maintain reserves and provide a strong foundation for future growth, according to the press release.

The budget proposal is the first step in a months long process. On Wednesday, May 14 the county will host a public hearing at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration in Los Angeles. The specific time of the hearing has not been announced.

In June, the county Board of Supervisors will deliberate and vote on the budget.

To read the full proposal and related information, visit the county CEO website, here.

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