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SCV NewsBreak | SCV NewsBreak for Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Uploaded 05/27/2014

SCV NewsBreak for Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Canyon Country man accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his wife was offered a plea deal Tuesday.

Newhall Land announced on Tuesday that the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled in favor of upholding the Environmental Impact Report for Mission Village, the first phase of the 60,000 home development project.

Albert Einstein Academy is graduating its first class of seniors this Thursday at the College of the Canyons Performing Arts Center.

The victim of a helicopter crash near Highway 126 was identified by the Ventura County Coroner on Tuesday.


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26 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: SCV NewsBreak for Tuesday, May 27, 2014
  1. I’d rather live in Canyon Country than Stevenson Ranch or Valencia….give me Sand Canyon anytime. At least we can tell the difference between our homes without having to start at the corner and count….

  2. He looks like Tom Cruise!!!!! #Doh

  3. Shelby Hoover-Pelley who is that?

  4. Looks like Tom Cruise.

  5. Why the hell would they give him that? What a joke! Burn the MF!!

  6. Juan M Murillo that guy used to go to the car wash :0 remember him ?? Omg!

  7. I have no words. Yuck.

  8. Steve Graff Steve Graff says:

    Yes and the number of the attorney as well….lol

  9. How about McMillan Ranch in Sand Canyon. Does that count at Canyon Country because that’s where he lived… Amy Wilson-Woodworth hi Amy!

  10. Shelby Hoover-Pelley look who it is!!!

  11. Candi Lewis Candi Lewis says:

    You people that make comments about Canyon Country are pathetic!

  12. Tim Spillane Tim Spillane says:

    The bad news is that he almost had that hottie wacked out!the good news is she’s single again!

  13. Tim Spillane Tim Spillane says:

    Just curious but how much was the hit man and does anyone have his number!

  14. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    @ Joanne Granai there’s something in the water

  15. Last story like this ended with the husband serving 8 years, getting out, buying property and renting it to Christopher Hubbart (pillowcase rapist) and is making BIG money off of the state.

  16. Lol only in canyon country nowhere else !!!!

  17. Amy Wilson-Woodworth

  18. Cindy DeWitt Cindy DeWitt says:

    Why is it always Canyon Country?Sheez!

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