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The Business Minute | Creative Graphic Services

Uploaded 07/15/2014

Creative Graphic Services

In the latest edition of the Santa Clarita Business Minutes the City takes a look at Creative Graphic Services which specializes in large format business and event printing for major studios, national sports leagues and some of the world’s biggest names in business. Vice President and COO Jim Niner describes the company’s evolution into the graphics industry and talks about some of the advantages of doing business in a community that supports local business, while also offering an unparalleled quality of life for employees.

The Santa Clarita Business Minute provides a quick snapshot of innovative, Santa Clarita-based companies making headlines in town and across the globe. Check out previous segments and tell us what you think of the Business Minute on Twitter or Facebook using #SantaClarita.

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  1. Really cool, Jill. Very proud of you & all you have accomplished

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