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SCV NewsBreak | Castaic Standoff With Armed Woman Ends in Arrest

Uploaded 08/13/2014

Castaic Standoff With Armed Woman Ends in Arrest

An armed female suspect who barricaded herself in a Castaic mobile home for nearly four hours Wednesday is now in custody.

The suspect voluntarily exited the back of the residence in the 27700 block of Parker Road around 1:40 p.m. armed with a gun in her waistband and was detained by deputies without incident.

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17 Comments for News: Castaic Standoff With Armed Woman Ends in Arrest
  1. Douglas Arms Douglas Arms says:

    What is she suspected of doing? Is refusal to allow sheriff’s into your home a crime if you own a gun?

  2. I’m going to say it I light of all the other cop killings that have been going on

  3. Frankie Moro Frankie Moro says:

    Lol, i wonder how much $ is in that tactical gear.

  4. Amazing how fast they were able to secure everything!

  5. Jeremy Smith Jeremy Smith says:

    Mauro E. Espinoza maybe if you weren’t a criminal you wouldn’t hate cops

  6. Julie David Julie David says:

    Let’s give them credit for no one being hurt!

  7. I hate cops. But thank god they didnt shoot her

  8. I hear she has mental issues. WTF are they putting in our Wheaties? Why are we all crazy nowadays?

  9. Thank GOD this came to an end. Thank you LE

  10. Wow – crazy world ! Good job Sheriffs !

  11. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    Speaking of crack, for got to call my plumber.

  12. Who was the crazy chick?

  13. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    reminds me, I have to get pretzels when I go to the market.

    • Missy Bryant says:

      Thanks for the great comments guys! I’m the crazy person that you see in the video. My favorite one is the comment that says that he is reminded that he needs to buy pretzels! case any one is interested, I’m on my medicine regularly and have not missed a day since I was arrested. I’m very grateful for the sheriff department and that they were not wanting to kill me but save me instead. God bless everyone who was there.

  14. Great job guys…..nobody hurt

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