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SCV Today | August 13, 2014

Uploaded 08/13/2014

August 13, 2014

Tami & Dave take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on this all-new episode of SCV Today.  Plus:

Scott Spackey joins us to talk about the importance of counseling those who are suffering from addiction.

Joe Messina is sharing wacky stories from around the world.

Mike Bjorkman is talking about getting the best real estate representation when relocating to another area.

13 Comments for SCV Today: August 13, 2014
  1. ^Hahaha this comment is great^

    They should be fined 500 dollars

  2. Nice way to waste water in a time of drought….

  3. That was Awesome T bone Tami!

  4. Ray Olivas Ray Olivas says:

    Joe you have to nominate Mauricio Ruiz…lol

  5. Dwayne Pine Dwayne Pine says:

    Joe Messina, nominate Ray Olivas

  6. Joe Messina Joe Messina says:

    Ahhh Dwayne, here is how it works, someone “nominates” you to get drownded. They nominated me already, so when I get wet I can nominate anyone I want, any ideas?

  7. Dave called joe and Tammy Messina out!

  8. Dwayne Pine Dwayne Pine says:

    I think Joe Messina should be next

  9. For sure made my day!

  10. Mike Bjorkman seems to be enjoying this a little too much!

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