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SCV NewsBreak | Friday, December 26, 2014

Uploaded 12/26/2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Construction of Vista Canyon Ranch, an approved development project situated southeast of the 14 freeway along the Santa Clara River, is expected to begin in 2015 after a 3 1/2 year legal battle.

CalArts is decreasing its dependence on fossil fuels by cutting its investments in fossil fuel stocks by 25 percent.

Canyon Country teen Jimmy Warshawsky is one of 19 contestants on the cooking competition series MasterChef Junior. Season 3 premieres Jan. 6.

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100 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Friday, December 26, 2014
  1. Greg Banta Greg Banta says:

    I’m sorry. Aren’t we in a serious drought? How do these rediculous projects get approved?

  2. Paul Mahone Paul Mahone says:

    No Chris it’s up Sand Canyon. South east of the 14. Pig farm was over by where plum cyn is.

  3. Paul Mahone Paul Mahone says:

    No Chris it’s up Sand Canyon. South east of the 14. Pig farm was over by where plum cyn is.

  4. Chris Abbott Chris Abbott says:

    Paul Mahone is that where the pig farm was?

  5. Chris Abbott Chris Abbott says:

    Paul Mahone is that where the pig farm was?

  6. Saugus is my hometown, born in the old Saugus hospital, I would never live there again! To busy!

  7. Paul Mahone Paul Mahone says:

    Hey, remember all of the cool hills and mountains we used to have around here? Yeah me either.

  8. I wonder how much these places are going to go for?

  9. I wish Castaic got this royal treatment

  10. What businesses, did you go to the meetings. They will have very few businesses if any .The only people hanging around will be the homeless and drug addicts hanging around the station. Always a problem. They mentioned business ? Mom and Pop). ” well if we don’t fill them we can make them apartments. “. Yeah , right within 100 feet of the station. .This train Station ‘s new location on the bend after Via Princessa facing the Fairmont tract of expensive houses. Mind you that this tract climbs way up a mountain that will echo clanging, and squealing brakes and train hooting whistles well into 10:00 pm . God help us. Never mind the filth from these trains sure to make all us unfortunate home owners very unhappy. Sir , we love oily windows. Goodby paint jobs. A Main Street like at the mall. A hang out. I watch the people coming home at 7:30 and 8:00 pm . No one riding the train will stop to shop. They need to get home . I got news for you , they can’t get good restaurants to come out here. Think about the good ones that have already gone under in the more affluent areas of Valencia, and Stevenson’s Ranch. We have loads of store fronts that are still empty. A five story hotel. A huge parking structure. .Whoever thought this was in the interest of improving Canyon Country is living a pipe dream. It’s just a contractor trying to make money that he’ll never have time to spend. I love the hours that the meetings were held so that most people were still on the road trying to get home. Shame on all of them. I was told if you don’t want to hear the noise then close your windows and run your air conditioners. This was from the lips of a right hand PR man representing the contractor. It’s an illusion if any one of you think this is for us. It’s not and after its done all the crying and whining means nothing.
    This happens all over California and in long established cities . It’s become as common as Apple pie . Screw the public..make the motions to look like we care but our agenda will be met by God.

  11. So it’s really going to go up?

  12. That’s lame. More and more open space disappearing, so disappointed.

  13. If the development looks like the drawings it should be similar to town center. Better then more canyon country meth lab trailers I suppose…

  14. Let’s see what happens. If they put a proper mix of businesses than it will be successful. Commercial development brings jobs too. I hope they make it super nice.

  15. They are ruining my home town : (

  16. Mike Navarro Mike Navarro says:

    Well maybe it will take some valencia congestion away

  17. Mike Navarro Mike Navarro says:

    Thanks SCV slowly destroying our open space. Stop building!

  18. I can’t figure out the location. Can someone help me out? Looks like it’s near Sand Cyn maybe?

  19. Time to move. This place is headed for the same fate as the SFV.

  20. Bob Buechner Bob Buechner says:

    After seeing the river in 69′-70′ take out the bridge (completly) on Soledad, and damage Sand cyn. and Sierra hwy. from heavy rain, over flow the banks all through the SCV. Took out concrete walls and flooded homes and streets at Langside. But I’m guessing building in a flood zone is ok now, living in a flood zone is not wise……..

  21. Just what we need in Santa Clarita.

  22. Seems like,a lousy place….doesn’t the river flood there!?

  23. I hope this is not houses/apartments, we don’t need more people in our valley, it’s bad enough as it is. Getting anywhere in our town takes forever

  24. Bart Joseph Bart Joseph says:

    4 acres of our open space land is going to be sold for this development. Another strike against open space land.

  25. Dennis McNeal Janet Villarmia

  26. Not happy. It’s not that far to Valencia

  27. I’m just happy it’s over there and not near castaic

  28. Lenee Bernal Lenee Bernal says:

    Patrick Fitzgibbons

  29. Time to go !! Im going acton for sure

  30. Dave Pettis Dave Pettis says:

    Don’t like it! CONTROL Santa Clarita development! Canyon Country does not have the infrastructure to support this! I know it’s too late but problems will occur. Get the PD staffed properly!!

  31. Jason Easley Jason Easley says:

    That’s what I was talking about Brian

  32. Erin Stanley, Richard Smith

  33. At least it will bring more restaurants and other stuff into town

  34. Barbara Lee Barbara Lee says:

    Disney Golden Oaks Park? Those places used to be free to visit or for a small fee. Very rural. Too bad the area has gone corporate.

  35. Judi Cimbolo Judi Cimbolo says:

    Hey James, take a look at this!!

  36. Barbara Lee Barbara Lee says:

    Is that in the river bed or Sand Canyon?

  37. Donn Miller Donn Miller says:

    Oh god. Push me out of state.

  38. Its ironic the main reason Santa Clarita incorporated was TRAFFIC and the perceived insensitivity of the County to the locals.

  39. Mark Bingham Mark Bingham says:

    The 14 would be fine if the slow poke Palmdale drivers had a straight shot to LA over the the 2. They really need to extend the 2 to Palmdale and take the 14 to porter ranch and make tapanga cyn a free way to the sea.

  40. Aaron Weiss where is this going exactly? I’m confused as to where? And what all exactly is being built!? I’m curious and excited!

  41. Linda Pippin Linda Pippin says:

    What about the drought? I have certain days to water. Why do I have to be so careful with my water consumption?

  42. Dustin Clark Dustin Clark says:

    Jake Thorne well the 14 is just going to get better and better

  43. Why did they build the Valencia Sizzler on the other side of the 14?

  44. Jason Govier Jason Govier says:

    Finally! It is time we have some good business’s here in Canyon Country! Fingers crossed for a Trader Joes, Cheesecake Factory, and of course Toppers!

  45. James Parker James Parker says:

    Ya never mind nature

  46. Then they had build an animation studio out there so I don’t have to commute to the valley everyday.

  47. Juan Vallejo Juan Vallejo says:

    Lol, the businesses will not be able thrive with just local businesses. Individuals who believe this will not cause additional traffic are living in a fantasy world.

  48. This girl..u not even work

  49. Laura Mathis Laura Mathis says:

    Time to find a small town to move to

  50. Finally, a centralized and master-planned pedestrian-friendly town center for families in the CC and Sand Canyon area.
    No more need to drive all the way to Valencia for shopping, dining, and recreation, which will eliminate much of the current inter-valley traffic on Soledad and other main SCV roads, as well as free up much-needed parking at Valencia Town Center mall.

    Also provides local housing and services for the thousands of new employees of the upcoming Golden Oak Disney Studios, who would otherwise have to commute to Valencia or the SF Valley on a daily basis.

    Sensible mixed-use master-planning vs. chaotic unsustainable sprawl is a good thing indeed.

    • Thousands of employees huh?? That’s B.S. There might be a bunch of folks there for construction but that will come to an end. The “Studio” itself might employ a few permanent people but… All the other folks working there will be there only to work on films or tv. They go home to their own homes elsewhere. They all work in different locations all the time.
      Do you work for the developer?
      Valencia’s development ruined the west side, leave the east side alone.

    • I have no affiliation with the developer at all.
      I do have a professional degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, so I understand sensible master-planning principles.
      I also work full time in the entertainment industry, so I know exactly how expansive a workforce a major movie studio requires.. Production, post-production (sound design, ADR recording, editing, etc), transportation, construction, maintenance, administrative, food service, ancillary services, etc etc..

    • Well said Christian!

    • Thank you Takavor!

    • Excellent points, Christian. This development holds great promise for the east side of town, and for the entire valley.

    • We too are an entertainment family. I know that all those folks whose titles you rattled off are mostly transients. They don’t work in one place (just like you said you didn’t) they move project to project. In case you haven’t noticed very few features are filmed in the state anymore.
      The new incentives might help but… People still will not stay in one spot.

    • So you’re an entertainment industry professional who lives in the SCV, trying to convince another entertainment industry professional who lives in the SCV, that entertainment industry professionals DON’T in fact live in the SCV?

      I personally know and work with dozens of fellow industry professionals who have moved to the SCV with their families specifically to work at our existing studios in full-time positions.
      The link I provided above confirms the imminent arrival of nearly 3,000 MORE of these positions with the creation of the new Disney studios.

      In addition, the state tax incentives you mention which have just been renewed and expanded will further boost an already thriving SCV film industry.
      Dozens of TV shows and films are still in production here, employing an ever-increasing population of local crew members.
      The SCV is a production hub in expansion, and the resulting migration is both inevitable and undeniable.
      All those new transplants will need to live somewhere, and I’d prefer they have the option of living near their place of employment rather than commuting across the SCV.

    • Actually we moved a little north to a more rural neighborhood to remove ourselves from what Santa Clarita has become. This talk isn’t about Disney or the film industry, it’s about the development. Bottom line is it will add to the mess on the roads. Besides… With the CEMEX operation approved virtually next door (adding a huge amount of truck traffic & dust pollution) I’d avoid the area like the plague.

  51. Lovely gotta love the traffic it will create!! I gotta get outta here soon!!!

  52. Yeah let’s add more traffic to a already congested area. There is so much vacant commercial space why make more???? What morons.

    • SCV traffic is caused by the tens of thousands of CC/Sand Canyon residents who have to commute to Valencia and back every day because there is currently no mixed-use town center in the CC area.
      This development allows CC residents to dine and shop locally instead of driving to Valencia.
      It alleviates traffic, not the other way around.
      Increasing local mixed-use services is a basic principle of sustainable urban planning.

      The current vacant commercial space in the area is a product of poorly planned, scattered sprawl (inhospitable strip malls and parking lots) vs. a master-planned pedestrian-friendly town center.

    • We got to see it to believe it I’m thinking it’s going to make traffic worst but oh well it’s already approve what can we do $$ talks

    • Why? I’d love to hear a well-founded argument against a much needed mixed-use town center for the tens of thousands of CC/Sand Canyon residents who currently have to commute into Valencia every day for pedestrian-friendly dining, shopping, and recreation options.

    • A well founded argument. Um. Traffic. Close to the UNWANTED Cemex mine. Better have some great air filters in your new pad. And OMG! Driving to Valencia to shop. The horrors. Maybe you should have moved to Awesometown instead.

    • I won’t need to move to Awesometown, since I’ll finally have local services in Sand Canyon, and no further need to drive there anymore.
      That’s the whole point.
      Your prediction of increased SCV traffic isn’t logical, but if you have access to a peer-reviewed urban impact study that proves otherwise I’d be happy to take a look at it.

    • I actually like going to Valencia I don’t mind the drive I used to like canyon country but anymore it’s getting to crazy and having all this big development it will get worst .. Time for me to move

    • My prediction of traffic isn’t logical? Really? Where do you think the new resident’s cars will go? You think they’ll stay in your little utopia and never travel outside of your pedestrian friendly mixed use area? Are you on crack?

    • No crack for me, I’m afraid. The occasional single-malt or a decent craft brew are more my speed.

      Let’s break this down: The current population of SCV according to the recent census is roughly 367,000.
      This new development will add 1,100 homes, and assuming each new home brings an average of two cars, that translates to a total vehicular increase for the SCV equal to a very negligible 1%.

      Now let’s take into account that the population of Canyon Country is roughly 60,000.
      That’s 60,000 people and their cars who will no longer need to drive across the SCV to Valencia for many of the basic services they’ll now be able to enjoy right in their own neighborhood, which will completely counteract that theoretical 1% vehicular increase you’re concerned about (and then some).

    • Gary Mason Gary Mason says:

      Let’s take a look at Target and Kohls shopping centers in Canyon Country. I went shopping there on Christmas Eve. Why, you ask? Because Valencia was jammed. I went there and that shopping center was a ghost town in comparison. Not to mention that most of the store locations are vacant.

      That is a major problem plaguing SCV currently. There are a lot of vacant commercial buildings already around everywhere. From Saugus, to Stevenson ranch to Valencia and even Canyon Country. I was close to a former business owner out here. He had to close his doors because of the high rent and low foot traffic. Yes there was a lot of advertising on his part but in the end he had to close do to over head and too much competition who have also been going out of business.

      Businesses are struggling to keep their doors open (or their profits up). This development isn’t going to produce that many more jobs for SCV as well as the pedestrian friendly shopping you’re looking for. SCV needs to figure out how to get and keep businesses here first then develop around that.

      And as for the traffic, in my previous thread on this post I still feel that you are incorrect. Perhaps time will prove me wrong. However, with the way that this whole community (SCV as a whole) is designed, traffic will continue to be cluttered. If they can’t fill these businesses to mirror the businesses in Valencia and keep this businesses there, then you will still have traffic traveling from Cc/Sand canyon to Valencia.

    • Your assessment is correct in that there are currently many vacant commercial buildings scattered across Canyon Country.

      Therein lies the problem: they are scattered.
      Canyon Country lacks master planning, and so most businesses fall victim to the ephemeral and unsustainable nature of chaotic strip-mall sprawl.

      Families don’t frequent commercial hubs like the Target and Kohls centers because they have no motivation to do so. They offer no recreational value, they are just giant inhospitable parking lots bordered by warehouse/big-box stores.
      Nobody wants to strap their kids into car seats, drive to Target, and then strap them right back in the car all because there’s nothing for them to do once they’re there.

      In contrast, the crowded and thriving Valencia Town Center/Patios combines shopping and dining with a pedestrian friendly family destination.
      It prospers from pedestrian traffic because it provides a proper environment specifically designed for that purpose, unlike every failed Canyon Country strip mall.

      That’s what the new development addresses.
      It’s what’s referred to in architectural terms as “placemaking” and it’s a successfully-employed urban design tactic for revitalizing commerce in communities.

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