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High School Basketball: Hart vs. West Ranch – Boys

Uploaded 02/04/2015

Hart vs. West Ranch – Boys

Feb. 3, 2015

The Hart Indians boys basketball team barely got the win over the West Ranch Wildcats Tuesday night.  Watch the game on here.

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14 Comments for Basketball: Hart vs. West Ranch – Boys
  1. ^ I agree wholeheartedly :-)

  2. But never the less a win is a win! The other team lost. A horse wins a race by a nose. Whomever wrote the piece needs to polish up their writing skills. ‘Barely’ is a weak word.

  3. They forgot to mention all 3 levels of the boys basketball teams beat WestRanch on Tuesday and all 3 levels of the girls basketball teams beat Westranch as well ! Go Indians !!!! ❤️

  4. Gary Wanjon Gary Wanjon says:

    Great job HART!!!

  5. I’m irritated.. why didn’t he just say west ranch almost won! Talk about stealing these boys thunder…

  6. Yes Michelle Pniewski, that is our boy making his hook shot! It has been a fun season!

  7. Amy Lent-Koop Gibbs Keith Gibbs…this kid looks awfully familiar!

  8. Barely got the win? Thats a pretty negative statement. Show impartiality to ALL schools in SCV

  9. But… THEY GOT THE WIN :-)

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