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SCV NewsBreak | Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Uploaded 02/24/2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The victim of a fatal crash on Friday night has been identified.

The Newhall man who allegedly murdered his 19-day-old baby missed his scheduled court date Tuesday morning.

Many Metrolink and Amtrak trains have been suspended due to the crash that injured dozens of passengers on Tuesday morning, which could leave Santa Clarita residents without train transportation to Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara.

The Santa Clarita Valley’s Sanitation District is extending the public comment period by three weeks to allow the community more time to review the EIR report for the Alternate Deep Well Injection.

Plus the local weather report for this week.

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143 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Tuesday, February 24, 2015
  1. David Hong David Hong says:

    Locking doors, grabbing kitchen knife

  2. David Hong David Hong says:

    He was on bail.. Wasn’t he…

  3. I hope his lifeless beaten body is found rotting in a trash can.

  4. Maybe someone beat him and he needs to recover from his injuries

  5. Yeah, good job SCVTV. Let’s not explain why this scumbag missed the court date. What great reporting. In other news, the Sun is very hot….

  6. Why this POS was even allowed out on bail is beyond me

  7. What… K is our world coming to

  8. Why is he still even on this planet

  9. That guy need to go to hell

  10. Dave F Bonz Dave F Bonz says:

    They will catch him…but then the POS will kill himself..because he know if he makes it to lock down then the guys are gonna beat him silly…

  11. Kim Baker Kim Baker says:

    Sick freak waste of space scumbag!! Why the hell was he allowed to be out on bail anyway?? Sooo dumb

  12. My first instinct was to write is horrible message to whoever built in and out and I realized who the hell could bail him out so the story must be miss leading no way I’ve watch the news since 5:00 AM and have not heard one word about it

  13. wait….he was out on bail??

  14. Mike Weaver Mike Weaver says:

    How the hell can a guy like that get bail ??? Well I hope I see him I promise I’ll safe cost on court trial lol…

  15. Has his ass been raped yet? I am waiting for this!

  16. This case makes me sick at my stomach…..get the needle ready and let him drift down into the depths of hell.

  17. Laura Mathis Laura Mathis says:

    He’s still in jail but they may have beat his @$$

  18. Nico Maggi Nico Maggi says:

    Missed his court date due to anal bleeding

  19. The sensational headline made us all look. However, most of the outrage could be saved if people would watch the video.
    Surely, you don’t expect a page named *SCVTV to let us off the hook with a quick written version?
    The video took less than 2 minutes or of my life.

    If you didn’t watch the video, then you should probably save your opinion.

    If you really can’t view the video, let me clear this up:
    The monster who killed his own baby is still in jail, and for unknown reasons, he was not brought to his hearing.
    The possibilities are endless. …he could be on suicide hold, he could be sick, injured, or he could have just missed the bus, because county jail is one of the most overcrowded, under staffed, disorganized facilities in the universe.
    Carry on.


  21. They need to stop showing the picture of this guy, makes me sick to my stomach every time I see his face.

  22. Karen Marino Karen Marino says:

    WTF – What stupid Judge allowed this unbelievable!

  23. Jon Bivens Jon Bivens says:

    Read the article.

  24. Brian Fisher Brian Fisher says:

    Sctv loves to confuse or mislead

  25. He better kill him self because he won’t live long in the joint they will take him out quick

  26. In the words of the grinch…. ” are you STILL living??”

  27. Absolutely Pat Walsh

  28. Burn in hell bastard !!

  29. I didn’t even know he was out.. I was thinking, how does one miss Court when they’re locked up.. CRAZY!!

  30. Esther Hazel Esther Hazel says:

    He didn’t make bail, still in jail, but there should be NO bail for this kind of crime

  31. It’s the fault of the misleading headline!! LOL

  32. The douchebag rabbited.

  33. Brandie Farrar. Dude missed his court date

  34. Why wwas he out on bail? :-( :-( Mel

  35. Jeff Cherry Jeff Cherry says:

    Next channel! This guy doesn’t even deserve social media! He’s a POS that will get his

  36. Kelly Josett Kelly Josett says:

    Why is this man even allowed to walk free?

  37. He better be behind bars. …discussing animal!

  38. So sad RIP sweet Angel

  39. Funeral is this Thursday at real life church.for the baby

  40. Hopefully he didn’t show up because some one beat his a$$ and he’s dead…..

  41. Heather Wilson Covarrubias

  42. Justin Peoples wen did u start caring

  43. He’s most likely in medical and going to die in the near future if more people in the jail figure out what he’s done.

  44. Irvin Burton Irvin Burton says:

    We need to find him before he kills someone else!

  45. I can promise you there is a LOT more to this story and yes a baby did in fact die but it was not in the manner in which the media is making you all think with their startling headlines and attention-grabber jabs at news – all stations – not just this one – at the end of the day he is probably in rehab withdrawing from a beyond serious drug addiction that was at the root of all this evil. He is in jail he is not going anywhere but no not all the charges might stick because no one has all the facts yet that is why there is an investigation – there are so many things you have to realize we are not privy to – for instance everyone had their judgement about the mom and dad not calling 911 about the “missing baby” and why did they drive ALL the way from NEWHALL to the Sheriff Station – because you didn’t know he had the mother meet him at the mall near the police station then convinced her to go there since they were nearby – drug users at this level are Master Manipulators and in the light of day when he is sober he will regret what he did the mother will probably never forgive herself for leaving the baby with him while she had to work (because yes some people don’t pay into State Disability so they cannot collect it for a whole 6 to 8 weeks of maternity leave) the grandmother was home she tried to report none of the babies breast milk had been used but he cut the phone lines – so when he says it was the drugs that made him do what he did and that he didn’t know what he was doing I would want to know how did he know to cut the phone lines and hide the body. I am not defending him I am just saying without saying outright that the truth is in the details and if I told you he didn’t intend to kill the baby would it really matter because she is still gone and we can’t get her back.

    • Christena says:

      Ignorance is no excuse. To the one who finds it in their heart to blame addiction… it’s no excuse to murder an innocent infant. I interact with addicts on a daily basis both clean and not and not one of them has killed a baby due to being high. Yes those who use are not always using the best thinking but very few go to the extreme of taking a life. This Baby was only and few weeks old he deserves no mercy and should spend the rest of his life being treated the way he treated others… with no love, no understanding, no regard, no mercy!

  46. He’s in jail people!!! Listen to the video!!!! Hope he rots in there!!!

  47. Hopefully he killed himself.

  48. People – there’s no way he’s out on bail. His Public Defender probably wasn’t ready . Scum bag – hope he rots in jail.

  49. Damn some of you people are just plain moronic!!! Listen to the video people!!!!

  50. Gabe Yanez Gabe Yanez says:

    Whoever writes this these Facebook posts is not to bright. Half the time they don’t even make sense. They should know by now only the first so many words we can see. We have to click the link and read for anything to make sense.

  51. It doesn’t surprise me the the majority of comments come from people who don’t take the time to LISTEN to the video, jump to conclusions and start asking stupid questions…. Why is he out? HE IS NOT. HE IS IN JAIL. Who posted bail? NO ONE POSTED BAIL, HE IS IN JAIL.

  52. Vic Rudder Vic Rudder says:

    Look at all the ignorance in here. He is in custody I’m sure his attorney postponed the court date. It’s hard when you know the people involved

  53. he did not make bail – he is still in jail – just missed his court appt

  54. Denice Lyke Denice Lyke says:

    Probably going to say he is too distraught to show up in court… Sighs…. I hate people sometimes.. Most times really.

  55. How the fuk did he even get bail?!

  56. Josh Logerot Josh Logerot says:


  57. Linda Matuz Linda Matuz says:

    Who posted the bail? Did the babies mother use the money the community raised to bury the sweet baby?

  58. What the what ???? Man hunt !

  59. Is it wrong that part of me is hoping that the reason he missed is because someone gave him a tune up in jail?

  60. Teresa Marie Teresa Marie says:

    hopefully he missed it because he was in the jail hospital after getting his ass beat

  61. Don Teller Don Teller says:

    Teri King-Libretti its called a judicial system where you or anyone else is innocent until proven guilty.

  62. I never knew he bailed out..odd..

  63. How did he get bail??

  64. Scott Ervin Scott Ervin says:

    I love the people of Santa Clarita. lol

  65. Sometimes the inmates miss the bus they hide to avoid – or they are in medical etc anyone can call county and ask questions so go for it

  66. Why wasn’t he in custody. Really.

  67. Oh he is incarcerated. They probably trying to kill him in there

  68. EVERYONE….. WATCH THE VIDEO….. He’s not out, he’s in jail!

  69. He was too busy burning in hell.

  70. Sally Buck Sally Buck says:

    Why is he out on bail?

  71. Yes they , sometimes say they wont go but trust he.Will have to face the court sick man

  72. Kara Eckert Kara Eckert says:

    There are many different reasons why you can miss court while in jail. Such as being in medical unit, or psychiatric hold, he could have forrwn in more trouble and was in the SHU which is like the secured housing unit, kinda like the hole. Tins of reasons you can miss court even while you are in custody! Trust me hebibstill locked up. Lets hope maybe he got a taste of his own medicine in there, and maybe that’s why! That’d what I’m hoping for!

  73. Mike Hider Mike Hider says:

    So……….. If I happen to see him and he happens to end up underneath my truck , what happens next ….?

  74. Thats what I was thinking Ashley Gonzalez..

  75. Megan Champs Megan Champs says:

    Ppl listen… He was NOT released… some times ppl in custody miss their court dates.

  76. Leave it to the Santa Clarita news people to confuse everybody…..I believe he is in jail on 2.25 million dollar bail but for some reason he didn’t show in court, and of course, they don’t even mention that there was no reason given for his absence…..

  77. E Liz Abeth E Liz Abeth says:

    I hope, there’s more to the story and he’s not actually out and about.

  78. he is in jail on 2.25 million bail. article says at his arraignment next month judge will ‘decide” if there is enough evidence to charge him on the 5 charges he is being held on. really? what is there to decide?

  79. Why the hell was hw released

  80. If you watch the report, he’s being held. They don’t say why he missed the court date, just that he did, and it was rescheduled.

  81. Melissa Day Melissa Day says:

    If you watch the story it says he’s still in custody. It doesn’t tell why he missed it though.

  82. he is in jail on 2.25 million dollar bail.

  83. Why the hell would they release him?!

  84. How did he miss it, isn’t he in jail? Please tell me he wasn’t released!!!???

  85. Too bad this POS has lived even this long…

  86. Why the hell was he not on a “no bail” hold? Sexual assault of an infant and murder during the commission of a sexual assault? What moronic bail agency would have even signed off on this?

    Is there more to this? I don’t remember hearing anything about him ever bailing out.

  87. Pat Salinas Pat Salinas says:

    Should Have been in jail

  88. Hopefully he is no longer breathing.

  89. Pat Walsh Pat Walsh says:

    That face, it needs to be punched, repeatedly.

  90. Wishful thinking, Jerry Hickerson

  91. Wishful thinking, Jerry Hickerson!

  92. There must be more to this story. I can’t believe he got bail!

  93. Maybe he killed himself

  94. He killed his own baby did you really think he’d show up for court. Freak’n idiots.

  95. Josh Larson Josh Larson says:

    Big ole steaming pizza schmidt

  96. Shouldn’t have even been on bail… Would have solved that problem

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