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SCV NewsBreak | Friday, April 10, 2015

Uploaded 04/10/2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

A shooting in Canyon Country Friday afternoon left one man injured and a woman in custody.

One of three men found guilty of a Halloween murder that occurred back in 2011 was sentenced on Thursday.

After months of freedom, a serial rapist may be going back to prison.

The William S. Hart High School Districts FRC Robotics Competition team has done what no other team has accomplished in ten years.

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57 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Friday, April 10, 2015
  1. Jenny Lozada Jenny Lozada says:

    Damn it……antes era muy tranquilo ahi pfff

  2. Rocio Garcia Rocio Garcia says:

    Mira Maria Vicky Garcia

  3. Dave Lee Dave Lee says:

    It was nice 14 years ago. I watched section 8 housing transform it into a ghetto in 5 years.

  4. Samantha Hernandez OMG LOL

  5. Debbie Cross Debbie Cross says:

    Wow… Maybe this was a rare occurrence. The places look very nice.

  6. Shannon Cruz Shannon Cruz says:

    Debbie, we’re moving across the street in another complex, but it’s still connected to this one.

  7. Debbie Cross Debbie Cross says:

    This apartment complex in particular? Maybe you can check police activity history in this area before you commit to renting?

  8. Shannon Cruz Shannon Cruz says:

    …..& We’re scheduled to move in there next week. Just what I wanna read. Ugh!

  9. Lulu Saab Lulu Saab says:

    So glad we moved Sahar Saab Mira Saab Mayssoun Saab

  10. I never hung out in Canyon but I heard about Jakes way!

  11. OMG Breon Johnson that’s the River Ranch apartments!! What happened!!

  12. Auntii DeeDee Welp…god works in mysterious ways

  13. Danny Dang Danny Dang says:

    U guys need serious help with the way you post. Stop mixing serious stories with bs. It’s not right. For example. You blast the “released identities” of fatal victims and it links to a jumbled mess. Think….

  14. Danny Dang Danny Dang says:

    U guys need serious help with the way you post. Stop mixing serious stories with bs. It’s not right. For example. You blast the “released identities” of fatal victims and it links to a jumbled mess. Think….

  15. James way should be renamed Jack up’d Way.

  16. Michelle Lea Michelle Lea says:

    I agree with you Kathy Herrera, the SCV is getting bad and its not safe anywhere you live SCV, AV or all the other place outside of SCV. Crime happens everywhere. So if people put down CC they mind as well put down all of SCV because the crime in SCV has picked up over the last 4-5 months.

  17. Jeremy Robert Majano lol we were there wondering what happened

  18. When a child or adult is killed, abused or raped in the SCV, Valencia or Saugus area there are a ton of people online that flood the post with “Prayers” and well wishes to the family and friends.
    But if it happens in Canyon Country those same people make jokes at the victems expense and call Canyon Country a ghetto. So pathetic.

  19. Omge my house is there :O no wonder

  20. Jason Fox Jason Fox says:

    Anything near Jakes way is ghetto. The only way any other area in scv is ghetto is when someone from Jakes way is there

    • I dunno Jason…. I’ve been further North up Sierra Hwy and whites canyon and witnessed some pretty “ghetto” redneck toothless beat up truck driving methheads acting “ghetto”. Generalizing an area isn’t nice.

    • Jason Fox Jason Fox says:

      Oh that’s a ghetto ass area too. But sorry to break the news ever since the late 90 ‘ early 2000, when the apartment complexes on and near Jakes way accepted section 8 , canyon went down hill fast. I lived out here my whole life I know what I’m taking about.

    • I would agree there is crime every where in SCV.. But Jakes way has more crime then all areas combined.. I lived in River Park in the 90’s back then it was nice.. Shame that it has been changed in the worse way by gangs, drugs, and violence.

    • P.S I feel bad for the good people that live on Jakes Way and can’t afford to move:(

    • Dave Lee Dave Lee says:

      I lived at river ranch 14 years ago. Watched it turn from a nice place into a section 8 ghetto.

  21. For those saying it’s the ghetto, I guess all of the Santa Clarita Valley is the ghetto then. Shootings/Suicides have happened all over this Valley in the past 4 months. And the AV is no better. It happens everywhere.

  22. @MI Arney, it’s not a bad area. Sometimes there are neighbors who break the rules. Guns are not allowed and I’m sure this couple will be evicted for breaching their lease.

  23. Young Guchii Young Guchii says:

    Thats in river ranch town homes

  24. April – look familiar?

  25. Ml Arney Ml Arney says:

    I’m thinking River Ranch Townhomes. Just googled Ann’s circle because it was familiar. I lived in The Colony Townhomes. No shootings that I knew of, but still plenty of shady activity.

  26. Ml Arney Ml Arney says:

    Which complex was this? I lived over there when I first moved to LA. Had no idea it was a bad area. Left the minute the lease was up.

  27. Peter Temm Peter Temm says:

    It’s nice to live in the ghetto

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