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SCV NewsBreak | Thursday August 27, 2015

Uploaded 08/27/2015

Thursday August 27, 2015

A suspected car thief has been taken into custody after a tense standoff with Sheriffs today.

Over 300 residents and teenagers came out to the Santa Clarita Activity Center last night for the cities Drug Symposium.

Stevenson’s Ranch resident Melanie Diaz took home the gold medal at the Taekwondo Cadet Worlds in Korea early Thursday morning.

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22 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Thursday August 27, 2015
  1. Britni Bruins isn’t that the corner by our garage!!!!!! I KNEW IT!

  2. Yep. Melanie Diaz. :D

  3. David Hong David Hong says:

    Dangers of pot?

  4. Robyn Flath Robyn Flath says:

    Cuz pot is now a medical med . I don’t see the danger

  5. Ben Green Ben Green says:

    Dangers of pot? Can u maybe talk about the dangers of meth, heroin, acid, coke and speed? Go to any rehab and ask them about the “dangers of pot”

  6. Myk Halibut Myk Halibut says:

    What about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs?

  7. Doug Henslee Doug Henslee says:

    What dangers of pot?
    How about the dangers of alcohol and cigarettes?

  8. Is this person who did good in TKD championship name Melanie Diazs?

  9. Jason McKay Jason McKay says:

    “dangers of pot”

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