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SCV NewsBreak | Thursday, September 3, 2015

Uploaded 09/03/2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September is National Suicide Prevention month and the city of Santa Clarita is doing it’s part in helping those in need.

A local favorite and long time staple La Cocina on Seco Canyon & Copper Hill Road was closed Monday and remained closed Thursday do to a health code violation discovered during a routine inspection.

be sure to join Matt Robinson and crew Friday night for the Parkway Motors High School Football Game of the Week as the Canyon Cowboys look to bounce back off their week zero loss to Calabasas as they host the Thousand Oaks Lancers.

Plus your local weather report.

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69 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Thursday, September 3, 2015
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    Este sitio web es realmente un paseo a través de toda la información que quería sobre este este tema tan aditivo y no sabía a quién preguntar .
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  2. Actually this is real news Derek. Everything doesn’t need to be about drugs and death. I’m glad this site is diverse

  3. There was a LA cocina in six flags mm too back in the day

  4. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    Drink your way out of depression

  5. Maryana Lara no more Michis for you. 😜

  6. Debi Lotz Nigra look!

  7. Oh this happens all the time to restaurants in the copper hill area. I’m sure they are working to fix it. I go to the one at Plum and Bouquet

  8. Lanna Ng Lanna Ng says:

    I don’t care food is still good lol

  9. Lau Keyzer Lau Keyzer says:

    Besides there aren’t bugs in the Cadillac ‘s they serve.

  10. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    Health code violations and suicide prevention month in the same paragraph and article. LOL Anyone else see the irony in this, as I do?

  11. Well he’s not the brightest manager but he’s honest ….. Roaches come in on deliveries from cardboard boxes mainly nothing you can do in that situation

  12. Lau Keyzer Lau Keyzer says:

    You people are crazy if you think this is uncommon . My father was a career chef in NYC in high end places and it’s everywhere .
    Social fn media will make it explode into body parts found in food.
    If there was a go pro in every dining room ,kitchen or dishwasher area in all our local beloved eateries you would be quite surprised. So don’t be so quick to condemn .

  13. Al Loreto we thought we would go put chairs in front and bring margaritas and have our own happy hour!!

  14. Does anyone remember the bomb Haiwian Restaurant that used to be next to this place?

  15. Jenny Fisher Nelson Tammy Fisher Starla Caloroso Sandoval

  16. Lucia Oviedo Lucia Oviedo says:

    Rosa Hernandez Edith Malta Nancy Leyva Priscilla Cienfuegos

  17. Every one of you probably have more than 2 cockroaches in your houses. And one of theirs was in the attic the other rode int on a delivery. Big f’ deal!!

  18. Al Loreto Al Loreto says:

    Roger Hector Jenny what u say???

  19. Debbie Beydler Jamie Marie

  20. Len Rothmann Len Rothmann says:

    La cucaracha, la cucaeacha…..

  21. Chris Cahill Chris Cahill says:

    Ok, so LaCo is not an option tonight. Why on earth would “suicide prevention month” be in the same (“plus”) post??? Please explain.

  22. Rick Edwards it’s the other one. We are good!

  23. I just read that it’s the Seco/Copperhill location– NEVER even been inside that one- we go to the La Cocina on Bouquet/Whites Canyon.

  24. I don’t recognize that one- but thanks Natalia Carina Cacciatore!

  25. Pedro Luna Pedro Luna says:

    they did it because of racism

  26. Rat droppings on food!! Gross!

  27. Michael Cavaliere gasp!

  28. Ashley Solon Ashley Solon says:

    No freaking way!!! I don’t believe this!!! Frankie Solon

  29. We’re getting this place near our house on Sierra hwy and golden valley. This won’t stop us from welcoming them to the neighborhood. What was the fact that shut them down anyway?

  30. Melissa Hepburn Weldon NOOOOOO!

  31. MaryEllen Ciaramaglia watch out with the food now

  32. Frank Rosas Frank Rosas says:

    I will go to theyr reopening !!! its like eating with family there !

  33. People say that the cockroaches here are delicious!!!

  34. That’s not real news turn to real issues stick with the suicide prevention month thanks

  35. Here we go again……

  36. Itss Leo Itss Leo says:

    That’s a big lie

  37. Ray Smith Ray Smith says:

    Man, I hate it when a place gets hut down! Lol! ;)

    • People are making this way worse than it is….my man was there @ the time….we know the owners and the inspector was being a “not so nice person” …..

  38. Amy Taylor Amy Taylor says:

    Karen Hartung Bobby

  39. Linda Durst Linda Durst says:

    Can’t wait for it to reopen.

  40. Jen Otzen Jen Otzen says:

    I like how they have this article along with suicide prevention…

  41. Angela Romero Escarcega

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