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 | 9/11: Santa Clarita One Year Later (SCVTV 2002)

Uploaded 09/11/2015

9/11: Santa Clarita One Year Later (SCVTV 2002)


A Documentary

Premiere date: September 11, 2002



The attack on America one year ago may have happened 3,000 miles away, but Santa Clarita was affected in innumerable ways. Local residents lost loved ones, emergency services personnel activated disaster plans, and officials grappled with the potentiality of a terrorist attack at home.

The new, hour-long documentary, “9/11: Santa Clarita One Year Later,” debuts Wednesday, 9-11-2002, on SCVTV Channel 20 and sheds light on the ways Santa Clarita was affected by the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

City leaders and law enforcement personnel, along with local firefighters who assisted with the recovery efforts at Ground Zero, give their first-hand accounts of the day and its aftermath.

Local news events connected with the assault on America and the ensuing War on Terrorism are reviewed, while members of the Santa Clarita Valley’s Muslim community and others discuss the way life has changed locally over the past year.



(c)2002/2015 SCVTV
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