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Santa Clarita Business MInute | WayForward (Video Game Developer)

Uploaded 09/23/2015

WayForward (Video Game Developer)

WayForward Technologies, a local independent gaming developer, is the newest local company highlighted in the City of Santa Clarita’s Economic Development quarterly video, “Santa Clarita Business Minute.”

In the episode, Voldi Way, Founder and self-described “Tyrannical Overlord” of WayForward Technologies, describes the companies evolution from a one-man shop to one of the biggest independent video game developers in the industry.

Known for solid gaming fundamentals, feature-quality character animation and flexibility and know-how when it comes to bringing entertainment brands into the world of gaming, WayForward Technologies boast more than 200 titles including original characters of their own design, as well as comic book and Hollywood favorites.

Since its inception in 1990, WayForward has expanded four times, remaining in Santa Clarita each time due to the valuable resource of talent that comes from California Institute of the Arts.

The Santa Clarita Business Minute is a video campaign designed to spotlight successful local companies in one brief minute. WayForward Technologies is one of more than 6,000 diverse global, national and regional companies that make Santa Clarita home.

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  1. Shane Weeks Shane Weeks says:

    Voldi is a great guy!

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