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Caltrans News Flash | Sinkhole Shuts I-5 in San Joaquin County

Uploaded 06/10/2016

Sinkhole Shuts I-5 in San Joaquin County

In this News Flash, you’re taken on location to see how a small sinkhole on the shoulder of Interstate 5 in San Joaquin County led to a shutdown of both sides of the freeway for five days. Watch how Caltrans investigated the problem and determined a true fix to ensure a safe roadway for the motoring public for years to come.

Originally discovered during routine maintenance on Tuesday, May 31, the sink hole measured approximately one-foot in diameter by 10-feet deep. As Caltrans began excavating the area to investigate the cause, it found a 40-year-old, abandoned irrigation pipe that expanded under both sides of the freeway. As a result, both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-5 had to be closed for repairs to ensure the integrity of the roadway.

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