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Soldier Reunited with Brother | Sixth Grader Gets More than Just a Diploma

Uploaded 06/10/2016

Sixth Grader Gets More than Just a Diploma

Dozens of students at James Foster Elementary nervously waited for their name to be called during the school’s sixth grade graduation ceremony Friday morning. But for one student in particular, it wasn’t just about moving on to the next phase of his life.

Sixth grader, Devan Altmayer, fidgeted in his seat throughout the procession and when his name was called there was an “audio glitch.”

What Altmayer didn’t know was that the entire glitch was staged and behind him his brother, Airman First Class Dylan Ryndak, was waiting to see him for the first time in months.

At first, it seemed like Altmayer wasn’t sure what was happening and was shocked to turn around and see his brother.

“I was amazed that he’s here and it’s hard not seeing him,” said Altmayer.

Altmayer is stationed in Mountain Home, Idaho, and was granted a two-day leave to see Altmayer graduate.

“I’m just glad that he got to be here with us for his graduation,” said Alana Altmayer.

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