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Oddity Odysseys | Exploring the St. Francis Dam Ruins

Uploaded 05/10/2017

Exploring the St. Francis Dam Ruins

Oddity Odysseys

Exploring the St. Francis Dam Ruins

Written by Bethany Guerrero

Cinematography and Visual Effects by C. Drew Unser

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Premiered April 29, 2017

On this episode of Oddity Odysseys, hosts Bethany Guerrero and C. Drew Unser discover the ruins of the St. Francis Dam in San Francisquito Canyon and learn about the 1928 disaster that claimed more than 400 lives. Dr. Alan Pollack, president of the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society, and Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel, president of the Community Hiking Club, join Bethany and Drew on location to tell the story.

Join the hosts as they explore more of the unusual, bizarre and storied places across Los Angeles at and catch a new episode weekly on their YouTube channel.

About the Hosts

C. Drew Unser’s background includes more than 10 years of experience as a cinematographer, editor, visual effects artist and compositor. He has worked on multiple television productions, web series, documentaries and features for various clients, including PBS, Warner Bros., CW Seed, My Damn Channel, Nerdist, IGN, Yahoo, Purina, Vevo, Freeform and HEC-TV. Unser is a proud member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild and has been honored with five regional Emmy Award nominations and one win.

Bethany Guerrero moved to Los Angeles in 2010 with strong native roots in Southern California. She studied newspaper production at Grossmont College in San Diego for two years, then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her passion of storytelling. Always looking for diversity to perfect her craft in writing, Bethany has published in ALO magazine, joined the creative panel of the Starbucks Barista Focus Group and is the writer, producer and blogger for YouTube Channel, “Oddity Odysseys.”

Grateful for the opportunity to host, write and tell stories through Oddity Odysseys, Bethany hopes to continue her partnership with Drew Unser and to gain sponsorship to venture into other cities and for the show to grow its audience.

(c)2017 Oddity Odysseys | SCVTV
3 Comments for Oddity Odysseys: Exploring the St. Francis Dam Ruins
  1. Steve Niccum says:

    I grew up at PP-1 & PP-2 for 25 years in the Village.My Grandparents were on top of the dam the week before it broke. My dads first car he Doug out of the mud below PP-2. You guys did a great job on your Video. Thank you Steve

  2. Janet Gasman says:

    This was very well done and professionally presented by Bethany and Drew. It was enjoyable and interesting . I certainly hope they will continue in their series. Thank you.

  3. Lynne Buck says:

    This mini-documentary is so interesting and very well done. The historic footage fits well, and the narrative is haunting. Great shots here and screen presence. Will explore more of Oddity Odysseys work! Thank you!

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