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OutWest Concert Series | Joe Herrington and Mary Kaye

Uploaded 05/18/2017

Joe Herrington and Mary Kaye

Experience the concert that kicked off this year’s Cowboy Festival with masterful performances from both the Sage of the Prairie and the Queen of the West, Joe Herrington and Mary Kaye.


About Joe Herrington

Joe Herrington is a Novelist and nationally acclaimed Cowboy Poet and Western Storyteller. His homespun stories and poems are told in the Western tradition of honor, courage and rugged characters. His original works not only entertain but also prod the soul with a truer understanding of the deep values and solid character of the American Cowboy.

About Mary Kaye

Mary Kaye is an internationally acclaimed and multiple award winning singer-songwriter. She is at ease with beautiful three octave vocals and amazing musical dexterity as she sings well loved classics along with award winning originals. Her distinguished songwriting and vocal abilities combined with her magnetic stage presence, beautiful guitar playing, and fun sense of humor make for a memorable performance.


SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series is made possible by SCVTV, OutWest, Western Music Association California Chapter and The Magazine of Santa Clarita. Special “thank you” to FM 101.5, QCountry.

(c)2017 SCVTV
2 Comments for OutWest Concert Series: Joe Herrington and Mary Kaye
  1. Bobbi Jean Bell says:

    Thanks to the SCVTV film and editing team for capturing this special performance of Mary Kaye and Joe Herrington. They capture the WEST in song and story so well. Appreciate all you do to bring these performances to a world wide audience!

  2. Nadiya Littlewarrior says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, thanks so much for sharing this .

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