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OutWest Concert Series | Hot Texas Swing Band

Uploaded 07/10/2017

Hot Texas Swing Band

The Hot Texas Swing Band rocked audiences in their first appearance at The Main with fiddle and guitar solos as part of a summer night performance for the OutWest Concert Series.


About Hot Texas Swing Band

This marks the first Los Angeles-area appearance by the Austin, Texas-based six-member group, which carries the torch of 1930s Western Swing pioneer Bob Wills and his famous band, The Texas Playboys, and more contemporary Texas swing outfits from the Lone Star state, like Asleep at the Wheel.

The Hot Texas Swing Band’s hard-driving original material spices up that traditional Texas sound with rockabilly rhythms and Tex-Mex beats.

Singer/upright bassist Alex Dormont leads the band, which also features Cat Clemons (guitar), Selena Rosanbalm (vocals), Ileana Nina (fiddle), and Wes Starr (drums).

The band’s on tour this summer backing their third and latest album, “Ain’t Dead Yet,” now riding high in the Western Music Association’s Top 10 Western swing albums for the fourth consecutive quarter. Previous albums include “‘Bout Time” (2013) and “Hot Texas Swing Band” (2012).

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series is made possible by SCVTV, OutWest, Western Music Association California Chapter and The Magazine of Santa Clarita. Special “thank you” to FM 101.5, QCountry.


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1 Comment for OutWest Concert Series: Hot Texas Swing Band
  1. Bobbi Jean Bell says:

    So much fun! Thank you, Alex Dormant and the Hot Texas Swing Band, for night of great music Texas Swing style! Thanks, SCVTV, for capturing this entertaining performance!

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