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Philip Scorza's Points of Interest | Points of Interest: The L.A. Water Wars

Uploaded 07/20/2017

Points of Interest: The L.A. Water Wars

Bombings, embezzlement, intrigue. They’re all part of the “water wars” that drained the Owens Valley so Los Angeles could grow into the metropolis we know today.

From Sylmar to Independence, Calif., Dr. Alan Pollack and Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel from the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society join host Philip Scorza on a 200-mile exploration of the people and places that fought to block the Los Angeles Aqueduct … the same water system that claimed nearly 450 lives when the St. Francis Dam collapsed in 1928.

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1 Comment for Philip Scorza's Points of Interest: Points of Interest: The L.A. Water Wars
  1. Gene Uzawa Dorio, MD says:

    Thank for this interesting snapshot into our past.

    How do you know the nephews, Mark and Wilfred Waterson, were not framed by their LA adversaries? Did they admit to their embezzlement? If so, they were criminals. If not, and they fought back at their trial, then the intellectually suave LA gang eliminated their opponents and got the instigators out of the way.

    What does history tell us? George Waterson (their uncle) and on the side of Los Angeles, was an attorney. Was he payed off?

    Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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