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SCV NewsBreak | August 8, 2017: CUSD Training, Valencia Valley Emergency, more

Uploaded 08/08/2017

August 8, 2017: CUSD Training, Valencia Valley Emergency, more

Castaic Union School District teachers and staff attended a two-hour Active Shooter training with local sheriffs deputies Tuesday morning.

A young female was airlifted from a grass field next to Valencia Valley Elementary Tuesday, after she had a medical emergency and needed an emergency evacuation.

Officials from the Santa Clarita Domestic Violence Center are inviting residents to raise funds and awareness at the Purple Walk of Strength 5k event in October.

Arroyo Seco Junior High has teamed up with local elementary schools to give students that are in need a backpack and supplies to start the new year.

Plus, weather for this week.

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1 Comment for SCV NewsBreak: August 8, 2017: CUSD Training, Valencia Valley Emergency, more
  1. David says:

    ANY active shooting training that doesn’t talk about the citizens abilities to be armed isn’t worth attending. Seriously, as an Emergency Manager for a Law Enforcement agency myself and someone who went through this personally in 95, you are being fed a line of B.S. Rule number one for someone who is shooting at you with a gun…….HAVE A GUN. If you find yourself at a Tactical Disadvantage, change your tactics because your tactics suck. And the fact that the Sheriff won’t issue you a CCW in Los Angeles, well as I get ready to retire, rule number one….Leave Los Angeles… I will not retire in an area, where my personal security is at risk because I am tactically disadvantage. When seconds count our Sheriffs Dept are minutes away. I love them to death, but the lead one…the Sheriff is a Politician and I don’t vote for anyone who doesn’t support our citizens,who a willing to go through a background and training the right to carry. Notice, I said willing to go through training. Let’s also add Qualify on a Law Enforcement target and times….which to me is a joke, but it is a standard.

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