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Canyon High School | Canyon News Network, 8-25-17 | Spirit Week

Uploaded 08/25/2017

Canyon News Network, 8-25-17 | Spirit Week

Anchors: Sienna and Isabelle
Segment: Spirit Week


Today, the Canyon News Network team bring in their ASB director to talk about Senior BBQ and spirit week.

10 Comments for Canyon High School: Canyon News Network, 8-25-17 | Spirit Week
  1. Jose Rojo says:

    You were amazing Isabelle … You are made for the spotlight

  2. Who’s that cutie on tv!! 💕

  3. Such poise, just like her Mom❤️

  4. Caroline, this is great.

  5. Very cool. You go Isabella

  6. Caroline Karasarkissian Mesropian!!! I know that face lol

  7. OMG Caroline!! Loved seeing this on my feed!! It’s like knowing a movie star!

  8. Caroline Karasarkissian Mesropian

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