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City of Santa Clarita | The City of Santa Clarita Combats Homelessness

Uploaded 05/21/2018

The City of Santa Clarita Combats Homelessness

The City of Santa Clarita and organizations in the Santa Clarita Valley conducted a planning meeting to set the stage for the City’s efforts to combat homelessness and enhance the quality of life for all Santa Clarita residents

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2 Comments for City of Santa Clarita: The City of Santa Clarita Combats Homelessness
  1. Jeanne says:

    So sad about the woman who threw herself in front of train. She had 2 rolling suitcases with her. Locals said she was mentally unstable talking to herself and abused by a husband. Just like in Katrina hurricane good intentions and talking about a situation don’t help. What helped was that General jumping off of the truck and personally helping that woman with the infant. No forms, no lines, immediate! Get people off the street, medical care in hospital if needed then into a mental health group home which we need many locally. Now you have to deal with NIMBY

  2. Jeanne Marten says:

    I see a need for people to have a safe place to stay while waiting for a “bed” to be ready in a free rehab or sober living. They are still using drugs and need to be housed until going through a safe detox. It can take up to a couple months for a free spot to open up. We also need many many free sober living group homes to help our people transition back after rehab. Up to a year is needed.

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