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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 10-23-18

Uploaded 10/23/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 10-23-18

LET’S DO THIS FUNDRAISER:  Students that obtained $100 or more in the “Let’s Do This” fundraiser: The prize distribution day will take place THIS Friday in the MPR during BRUNCH! Please check the ASB bulletin cabinet on the back of the office to verify the amount you collected. The color of your name on the list corresponds to the color prize table that you will report to during the distribution. If you see any errors, please check your PledgeStar account first, and then see Mrs. Terranova in room 1002 if you have any questions. Please make sure you have your ID card with you for the prize pick up because prizes will not be given to students without ID. The Party N Play day for students that obtained $60 or more in donations will take place on Friday, November 2nd.

MIX IT UP: Today, your C period teacher will pass out a slip of paper with a spooky character on it before you head out to brunch. Find another  student that has the same spooky character as you and come to the outdoor stage with your new friend and get a piece of candy.

TURKEY BOWL MEETING: Turkey Bowl informational meeting in the MPR during brunch on Wednesday. 7th and 8th grade boys and girls are welcome to attend.

DISASTER DRILL: This Thursday, we will be having a disaster drill during “E” period, and there will be a special schedule. Please make sure you listen to your teacher’s instructions and behave appropriately during the drill so that we’re prepared in the case of an earthquake or disaster.

CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES:   Today in Clubs and Activities, we have the dance club after school in the MPR and the fitness club in the fitness center after school.

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